Video Game Players Will Be Rewarded with Cryptocurrencies
One of the biggest providers of Internet services, located in Tokyo, Japan, is going to launch a special system called CryptoChips which can be incorporated into games. This system will allow for the game to reward players with digital currencies, namely Bitcoin. According to the announcement made by GMO Internet, CryptoChips will be in use in the August of 2018. Players will receive monetary rewards for a high position in ratings, achieving particular levels, obtaining different items or completing tasks. We remind you that the company first dived into the world of cryptocurrencies in 2017 when it started supporting trading in digital coins. Later on, it created its own environment-friendly mining enterprise. The company has a Bitcoin wallet as well. Thus, there in no surprise that it regularly comes out with new innovations of the cryptocurrency sphere. The first game to try out the brand new technology will be “Whimsical War”. It is a game of a battle type, where the players are supposed to fight with their opponents and defend their territory. People will receive cryptocurrency rewards for winning real-time battles. The representatives of GMO assure that in case of the successful implementation of CryptoChips into “Whimsical War”, the technology will soon spread to other popular video games. They also warn all the interested users that they need to have their own Bitcoin wallets in order to receive rewards. We remind you that this spring California-based company Blok.Party, located in San Francisco, presented the world with a new outlook at board games.  Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: