Fantom Network Transaction Volume Up 2500%

There is a growing demand for transactions in the network. Daily transaction volume increased by 2500%. This is a high result

The popularity of the network is due to its security, high transaction speed and good scalability:

  • The transaction is carried out in 1 second.
  • The commission is less than one cent.
  • In the blockchain, thanks to compatibility with EVM, you can deploy smart contracts.

These qualities made it popular in the blockchain sphere and stimulated high demand. The current volume of transactions is up to 200,000 daily. Whereas in March it was only 8,000. The increase is 2500%.

The Fantom Network is an Ethereum support platform. It solves the main problems of Network 1.0. The projects deployed there are deprived of the shortcomings of the main network: high gas charges, slow work.

The platform is easy to use, safe and eco-friendly. Mining is carried out on the model of proof of ownership and does not require energy costs.

Thanks to the wide functionality on Fantom Network, you can implement almost any task. Users can create apps, run smart contracts.

Given the popularity of the cryptosphere, we think Fantom Network has a good future!

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