Top 5 gambling altcoins by market capitalization

Cryptocurrency and gambling are two industries that have managed to benefit each other in recent years, with many having started to use various forms of digital currency to enjoy a host of their favorite games.

Indeed, whilst many may know of Bitcoin due to its prominent position within the market, there are a host of different cryptos that are available to use at an online casino that accepts them as a form of payment.

Players are now able to enjoy a gaming session where they are able to play a range of different crypto slots using specifically-designed crypto tokens that are known as gambling tokens. There are a host of different options that bettors are able to utilize now, although there are perhaps five that should strongly be considered.

What are the top five gambling tokens by market capitalization?

  • FUNToken (FUN) - $108,315,557.
  • Atari Token (ATRI) - $55,127,916.
  • Lotto (LOTTO) - $20,057,647.
  • Exceedme (XED) - $18,471,429.
  • BetU (BETU) - $14,391,853.

Why is FUNToken the number one by market capitalization by some distance?

As can be seen by the list of the top five gambling tokens currently available as of the end of January 2022, the FUNToken is the number one crypto by some considerable distance. Indeed, there are a number of reasons that perhaps help to highlight and explain why it has managed to solidify such a position.

One of the major factors is simply the fact that the asset has been developed specifically for online gambling, whilst it also combines the quality of the Ethereum blockchain with one of the best tech stacks available, thus making the asset incredibly resourceful for everyone that uses it.

Users of FUNToken are able to benefit in numerous ways, including receiving faster transactions that help to allow players to begin gaming sessions quicker than before, whilst each transaction that is made becomes decentralized, is recorded publicly, thus making it transparent as well as traceable.

Moreover, as mentioned, it utilizes Ethereum blockchain technology, meaning everything is quicker and easier, whilst making everything as secure as possible as transactions remain anonymous, therefore providing the highest levels of protection to those who use the token.



Do other gambling coins provide benefits?

Indeed, whilst FUNToken has been highlighted above due to its position at the top because of its market capitalization, it should be noted that there are a number of benefits that can be experienced when using any of the gambling coins to have been created.

Of course, many have decided to turn to use these coins as an alternative for fiat currency because they are able to enjoy the advantages that the digital assets provide that normal currency simply can not offer them when they wager on their favorite games.

Factors include many of those that were highlighted above, however perhaps one of the most important for many that gamble is that the digital asset that they use will not be influenced by traditional currency and any inflation that may be experienced; a benefit that many in developing countries are able to continue to take advantage of. Moreover, those that are not able to freely enjoy gambling due to restrictions in the country that they reside in will be able to as they can bypass the laws to have been implemented.

What does the future of gambling coins look like?

Crypto gambling is one extremely big market and one that has continued to grow over the last few years, and with coins such as FUNToken being able to provide a number of specific benefits that can be enjoyed when gaming, it would be rather hard to deny that they have a future within the entire cryptocurrency market.

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