Vapes Are Still illegally on eBay
It became known that a group of senators will demand that eBay, Alibaba, and Craiglist explain how they plan to counter the illegal sale of vapes on their platforms. A lot of electronic cigarettes, both genuine and fake, were previously sold on the above platforms. “In allowing these products to secure a foothold on your marketplace, you are not only supporting these companies in their endeavor to increase youth demand and access but also assisting profiteering counterfeiters seeking to cause teens further harm” -  the senators wrote. Recall that about a week ago, US President Donald Trump announced that his administration would seek a complete ban on the sale of flavored electronic cigarettes in the US market. Over the past few weeks, hundreds of people across the country have become ill, some of them have died due to fatal lung diseases that have been associated with the use of electronic cigarettes. The reason for these diseases is still not clear, but the presidential administration forced the legislators to consider the issue of a complete ban until it becomes known more. Any ban on vaping products in ordinary stores is likely to encourage the development of the black market.