US and UK Government Websites Were Attacked By the Virus for Mining Cryptocurrency
Each person who visited the virus-infected resources, launched the software, which was mining cryptocurrency for hackers. The criminals infected more than 4,200 sites, including those belonging to state organizations, with a virus which was used to secretly mine cryprocurrency. A cyber security specialist discovered thousands of sites that did not cause fear before, which were now using scripts for hidden cryptocurrency mining through the browsers of their visitors. Scott Helm, an expert who discovered the code, determined that malicious software used 40% of the processing power of the victims’ processors and sent the received cryptocurrency to the address 1GdQGpY1pivrGlVHSp5P2IIr9cyTzzXq. In total, 4,275 sites were infected in this way. This virus is a malicious version of the plug-in for people with eyesight problems Browsealoud. In the course of several hours anyone who visited virus-infected resources launched the software, which was mining Monero cryptocurrency for hackers. The company Texthelp, which developed Browsealoud, claimed that it suspended the plug-in until the investigation. American and British law enforcement agencies have not yet commented on the information. Subscribe on The Coin Shark news in Telegram