Moscow: «Blockchain in Russian»

Event "Blockchain in Russian", during which experts will tell guests and residents of the capital how to make money on technology.

Modern technology makes life easier and opens up a lot of opportunities for earning money. Experienced experts will tell you exactly how to convert technical progress into income on December 10, 2021, within the framework of the “Blockchain in Russian” meeting.

The event, among other things, will be attended by employees of the team of the new generation cryptobank MinePlex Banking , which was included in the top 3 best blockchain projects of 2021 by the International Business Times. The platform has also gained acceptance among investors. This is indicated by the fact that the MinePlex Banking token is consistently among the top 200 cryptocurrencies of the CoinGecko digital asset market data aggregator.

During the meeting, experienced experts will discuss with the audience a number of relevant topics that will help event participants to use modern technologies to organize a source of income, including the following:

  • How to use modern technologies to organize a stable income of 20% of the initially invested money.
  • What are affiliate networks and how to use them to increase your income by 80%.
  • What are the options for earning money in the cryptoindustry and how to start making money in the digital asset market for a beginner.
  • What nuances should you pay attention to when choosing a platform for purchasing cryptocurrencies.
  • Rules for choosing cryptocurrencies for investment.
  • How to safely enter the digital asset market: expert advice.
  • What trends await the cryptocurrency market in 2021-2022 and how to use knowledge about them to make money.
  • How to make money on the decentralized finance market and what development opportunities are open to the industry in Russia.
  • Should investors wait for the digital asset market to merge with the traditional finance industry?
  • What is a new generation cryptobank and how to use the capabilities of MinePlex to make money.

Experts of "Blockchain in Russian" in Moscow will help the participants of the meeting to understand these and many other issues :


Anastasia Lozovskaya - executive MinePlex Banking

During the meeting, the expert will discuss with the audience what Collabor Place is and why this project is so important. Anastasia Lozovskaya will also talk about the possibilities of new generation crypto wallets and reveal the secrets of their use to increase income.

Evgeny Okishev - executive MinePlex Banking

The expert will join the conversation about Collabor Place. Evgeny Okishev will also talk about the possibilities of integrating the new generation MinePlex crypto wallet with the linear business and share his experience of using modern technologies to organize income.

Alexandra Lozovskaya - MinePlex Banking Ambassador 

The expert has many years of experience in various fields: from services and trade to education and IT technologies. 

The work of Alexandra Lozovskaya has been highly appreciated many times. In particular, the expert has a government award. Alexandra received it from the President of the Republic of Belarus for the education of creative youth. The expert also has an award from the World Public Organization OMC for his contribution to the development of the service sector. 

Alexandra Lozovskaya is engaged in business integration with IT technologies and the crypto industry. For this purpose, the expert, among other things, uses the capabilities of MinePlex. 

The speaker will talk about how a new generation cryptobank can become a source of income. The expert will also share schemes for using MinePlex to reduce costs for entrepreneurs and ordinary people.

Additionally, Alexandra Lozovskaya will talk about the professional secrets of organizing recruiting, the nuances of forming business strategies and the rules for scaling projects.

Karabanova Irina - executive partner of MinePlex Banking

An expert will tell you how to build the right mindset for an investor. Irina will share her personal experience and give examples of successful strategies that help to choose assets wisely.

Sergey Savich - partner of Collabor place, experienced entrepreneur, coach of millionaires

The expert will share with the audience the rules for integrating modern technologies into business and the secrets of competent business investment. Sergey Savich will also tell the meeting participants about the future of blockchain in Russia.

Stas Toropov is a practicing investor with extensive experience in the field of online earnings, an investor and partner of MinePlex Banking, with a business turnover of over $ 50 thousand.

The expert is studying the possibilities of blockchain and how to use modern technologies to generate income sources.

The knowledge gained helped Stas Toropov to form a crypto portfolio worth $ 100 thousand. The expert also controls a blockchain pool with a turnover of more than 30 million rubles.

Sergey Zelensky - partner of MinePlex Banking

During the meeting, the expert will tell the audience about the secrets professional investors use to organize the safe storage of cryptocurrency. Sergey Zelensky will also share with the meeting participants the rules for choosing a crypto wallet.


Place of the meeting: Moscow, Izmailovskoe highway 71, building 3B (Vega Izmailovo hotel), Progress hall.



Date of the meeting: December 10, 2021. Gathering of guests at 15:00, the beginning of the event at 16:00.

Ticket price: 1000 rubles.

For more information contact :

+7 918 206-29-11 Sergey 

+7 908 691 32 24 Alexandra 

+7 926 539-55-59 Anastasia 

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