Live Broadcast: Money of the Future

23.12.2021 The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, represented by Deputy Minister Oleksandr Boryakov and Dmitry Nikolayevsky, an expert of the working group on preparation of specialized legislation, will summarize the results of the past year and share the plans for the next.

The live broadcast will take place from 19:00 to 20:30 on the "Money of the Future" channel, which will be an exclusive platform for the communication between the crypto-community and the regulator.

During the live broadcast, the speakers:

  • will talk about the results of 2021 in the context of virtual asset legislation;
  • give updates on all questions regarding the virtual asset market;
  • inform the crypto-community about the progress made and its stages;
  • talk about changes to the Tax and Civil Codes;
  • share their plans for 2022.

The crypto-community will get a chance to hear insights into the prospects of development of the virtual asset market in the New Year and get answers to all questions of interest!

Ask your questions in the form of this post, and during the broadcast you will be able to do it in the broadcast chat.

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