Fragma: Reward Your Activity

We have already written about the SELFLLERY project, the team of which decided to carry out a deep rebranding this year . Keeping the idea, but completely changing the concept of the project, up to changing the name. Now it is a more understandable and emphasizing desire to save the fragments of your life - Fragma . 

Unlike SELFLLERY, whose attention was focused only on photography, in Fragma the concept was radically revised and now covers any kind of visual and audio content - photos, paintings, musical compositions, articles, stories, videos and much more, which can be enumerated endlessly. 

Keeping the idea of ​​copyright protection, Fragma has significantly expanded the functionality of the platform, in line with market trends. Namely, by providing an opportunity to monetize the content you generate, making it not only interesting, but also bringing real profit! 


  • Social Mining - Get rewarded for all your actions on the platform. Through tokenized advertising revenue.


  • NFT Marketplace - Create digital artwork, list it on the marketplace, auction it or rent it out.


  • Allocation of the advertising budget - Advertising revenue will be split among all users of the FRAGMA network. Advertisers and content creators will interact with each other directly. 


  • Private Collections - Create private collections with your photo / video files or rented NFTs. Users will pay one time or buy a monthly subscription to access your collection. 


  • DAO Administration - There are more opinions than “ours” alone, so feel free to share your thoughts on everything in the world (as long as it doesn't violate community guidelines). 


The main task of FRAGMA is to create its own unique blockchain for content based on the Proof-of-Content principle. Until this task is completed, the platform will run on the TRON blockchain , providing high throughput and scalability. There is also unconfirmed information about intent to interact with Mina . 

Also FRAGMA, sets itself the task of changing the usual view of advertising. All of us are familiar, outdated and annoying banner ads. Due to the negative perception of the audience to which this type of advertising is directed, advertisers promoting goods and services in popular social networks are faced with an acute problem. FRAGMA, offers a solution to this problem using its own AR technologies, making advertising integrations as native as possible. 

FRAGMA is a global decentralized social network based on blockchain technology that provides revolutionary opportunities in the field of content promotion and monetization. 

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