Two Israeli Are Indicted For The Hack Of Crypto Exchange Bitfinex in 2016
Two Israeli were arrested for the hack of cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex in 2016 and other crypto-related illegal actions, including phishing attacks, according to the Finance Magnates. Read more: The police spokesman says that two brothers Eli and Assaf Gigi allegedly stole tens of million dollars. Moreover, the police think that it was not just one time, it was a series of long-term systematic thefts of crypto by getting access to users’ accounts. The report claims that the suspects used Telegram to send links that go to phishing sites of major online cryptocurrency exchanges. There traders sold their crypto yet did not get anything in return. Furthermore, the brothers are indicted for 2016 Bitfinex hack when multiple accounts were also compromised. When the arrest was conducting, the police found fewer funds than the amount that the two are believed to have stolen. The investigation was complicated by the fact that the alleged victims were located in the different parts of the EU and the USA, therefore multiple law enforcement agencies were involved in it. We remind you: