Two Groups of Professional Hackers Carry Out 60% of All Crypto Attacks
As it has been reported by the analytical company Chainalysis, more than a half of all cyber attack leading to crypto theft were conducted by only two groups of people. Altogether they stole around 1 billion dollars. Despite the common misconception that a hacker should definitely be a nerdy, skinny guy in glasses, always shy and quiet, maybe even a sociopath, this actually couldn’t be further from truth. Most cyber criminals work in groups and all of their operations are meticulously thought-out and calculated. Chainalysis pointed out two major crypto “gangs” and called them Alpha and Beta. These two organizations, however, the objectives of their attacks are quite different. While group Beta just aims to get more money and multiply their bank accounts, group Alpha is pursuing much darker things, such as sponsoring acts of terror and human trafficking. Moreover, both of the organizations professionally hide their trails, using multiple wallet addresses, crypto mixers and difficult money laundering schemes. This makes it almost impossible to catch them and track down the stolen assets. As for how to protect oneself from such attacks, Chainalysis suggested the following:
A working knowledge of how hackers move funds can equip legitimate participants to identify unusual spikes in transactions that may be tied to criminal activity. Cooperation between exchanges also goes a long way to help fight crime in this ecosystem. Neutral intermediaries between exchanges can play an important role in this effort.”
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