Twitter Removes Location Tagging in Tweets
As noted by the management of Twitter, the removal of this option will not have a significant impact, since most people still do not use it. At the same time, the update will reduce the ability to track data about the location of users by the platform itself. At least theoretically. Given that this option is built into the backend code of Twitter, the application can still track the exact location. As stated by the representatives of the social network:
“Enabling precise location allows you to selectively add location information to your Tweets. This feature is off by default and you will need to opt in to use it. This allows Twitter to collect, store, and use your precise location, such as GPS information.”
In this case, the only real loss is that users cannot mark their precise location in tweets. Although the absence of such an opportunity, to some extent, reduces the likelihood of tracking by third parties. And since users are increasingly worried about the confidentiality of the information they share, the platforms themselves are currently taking more and more steps to assure them that they have no control or registration of their data. We want to remind you: