Twitter Launched a New Flash Mob that will Help you Remember all the Parenting Tricks
Today, the hashtag #LiesYourParentsToldYou is more popular among Twitter users than ever. There users post tweets, memories of inventions and patterns, presented to them earlier by their parents. Below are some of them. According to Jessica Fletcher, her parents did not allow her to turn on the lights in the car, as is is strictly prohibited. Only in 29 the girl learned about the insidious deception. We guess all fans of chewing gums have repeatedly heard this phrase or something like that. And the best trick: This one rather familiar to those who grew up with brothers and sisters. “Santa Claus exists”, “A beating man is a loving man”, etc. In fact, it is very funny to see statements in tweets that you have repeatedly heard before. And if you do not quite understand what this lie is for, then remember that all of us will be parents once. We want to remind you: