Twitter Disables Tweets via SMS After the company CEO was Hacked
Twitter “temporarily” turned off the ability to tweet using text messages. Recall that a few days ago, the account of the CEO of the company Jack Dorsey was hacked just using this function. The ability to tweet using text was important for Twitter in the early years, but at the moment it's a more inherited feature, as most people rely on a smartphone app. However, this feature still exists, allowing you to text a number, such as 40404, and send this message to your account. If hackers can steal your mobile phone number, they will be able to tweet anything in your account, even without the need for authorization in the system. Twitter officials say they are making changes “to protect people's accounts.” They blame mobile operators, saying they need to fix vulnerabilities that allow this kind of abuse. The company also said that it is necessary to improve the two-factor authentication system, which also uses text messages and can be compromised in the same way. It seems that the text conversion feature on Twitter may be turned off for a while in most countries. The company says that “soon” they will activate it “in markets that depend on SMS for reliable communication,” and that they will work to improve it, but there are no more details yet.