Tron Has Bought First Blockchain App Store Called CoinPlay
Many companies and blockchain developers create dApps but they are like a lone wolf roaming around the net. Thus there appeared a necessity to create blockchain app stores where dApps would be saved. According to an official blog post, Tron, one of the largest manufacturers of decentralized applications, has acquired a first global blockchain app store, called ColdPlay. The publication also mentioned the aim of acquisition - “building the infrastructure for a truly decentralized Internet.” Tron and ColdPlay plan to build a core of a secure ecosystem where clients can get access to DLT-based apps. The abovementioned statement also points out the role of the app store.
“CoinPlay positions itself as a blockchain application store that aims to offer the most comprehensive, suitable and updated blockchain apps. Currently, popular [distributed ledger technology (DLT)-based] apps are often hard to find at conventional app stores, and it is difficult to screen the source for safe download.”
The app store is fast and secure, first of all, it provides a wide range of the blockchain apps and dApps which can be downloaded in one click. Second of all, it includes such features, as so-called browser navigation, a built-in rating system with the indices of major currencies,  advanced “Github query”. Right now the team is working on creating a multi-currency and multi-platform network, as well as a “multi-platform transaction volume/transaction price” system. While they are working on it, we remind you that: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: