Trading for Beginners: First Steps and Popular Cryptocurrency Exchanges Overview 437

Трейдинг для новичков: первые этапы и обзор популярных бирж криптовалют

Everyone who decided to become a trader worries about the security of their cryptocurrency transactions and about the commission fees for the exchange. Cryptocurrency exchanges are virtual platforms where it is possible to make the exchange. Cryptocurrency exchanges work pretty simple, however you should still complete several steps to get started:

Step 1. Registration.

Usually the registration is pretty much the same as on other websites.

Trading for Beginners: First Steps and Popular Cryptocurrency Exchanges Overview

Step 2. Deposit of capital for trading or exchange

Usually it is not necessary to pay commission in order to deposit cryptocurrency but it probably can be necessary in order to deposit fiat money. Sometimes commision fees can reach up to 8%, however, usually they do not exceed 1-5%.

Trading for Beginners: First Steps and Popular Cryptocurrency Exchanges Overview

Step 3.  Creation of an application on currency operations

Traders can fix the price they want for buying or selling cryptocurrency by themselves. Then they should put their application in the common list. If this price is Okay for another user the deal is made. If the price does not correspond to market prices then nobody will probably buy the cryptocurrency. If the deal is made successfully then a user can withdraw the capital from the exchange house or leave it in the exchange wallet for carrying out future operations.

It happens that the servers of a particular exchange or the accounts of users are hacked that’s why it is not recommended storing big amount of money and the money that you do not need for trading.

Trading for Beginners: First Steps and Popular Cryptocurrency Exchanges Overview

Now let’s look at TOP-5 popular virtual currency exchanges that ensure high security and have a large number of daily operations.

 1. Bittrex

According to Coinhills, Bittrex became the best cryptocurrency exchange considering the daily turnover as of December, 2017. Around 14% of all cryptocurrency deals are made there each day. The platform is under the US jurisdiction and works both with popular cryptocurrency trading pairs (Bitcoin, Ethereum) and many promising digital coins (more that 190).

Official website:

  1. Binance

Binance became one of the most promising startups of 2017. This exchange was registered in April, 2017 and less than in six month its capitalisation reached 1 billion. In December, 2017 its daily turnover for a year provided the platform with the second place as transactions for more than 6 billion dollars were conducted through its service.  In December 2017 the headquarters of the company decided to suspend registration of new users. The service couldn’t manage the processing of the increased number of new applications.  

Official website:

  1.  Bitfinex

Bitfinex is a cryptocurrency exchange from Hong Kong that hosts around 50 world`s top digital assets. In December 2017, Bitfinex came third in terms of trading volume, becoming one of the biggest players on the cryptocurrency market. Increased attention from traders led to the closure of registration of new accounts for a certain period. When all work is completed, the site will return to normal operation mode.

Official website:

  1. EXMO

EXMO deals with 46 cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged or converted in fiat money. An average trade turnover is 8100 BTC in a month and 2000 new users are registered on EXMO daily. EXMO plans to develop and launch a system for margin lending, increase the quantity of trade assets, add new tools for using fiat money and get a place among the leading crypto exchanges of the world.

Official website:

  1. appeared in the year 2014. In December, 2017 this exchange proved its reliability and safety having fought out an information fuss that appeared after a south korean exchange YObit announced its bankruptcy. The two digital exchanges apparently have similar names and some users funneled their assets out of and started using other platforms falsely assuming that the exchange has problems. Anyway, the question was off the table in January, 2018 and platform is running smoothly. The exchange provides services for approximately 5 million users per month.

Official website:


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The Most Popular Games on Blockchain in 2018 110

The Most Popular Games on Blockchain in 2018

Have you noticed how fast the blockchain technology is conquering all the top segments? This innovation also did not bypass the video game industry. According to experts, this is one of the best symbiosis, since games on blockchain are not only cool, but also profitable.

At the moment, cyber-lovers do not have much, because the developers have not presented the world with as many games on blockchain so far as people would like. The Coin Shark will introduce the most popular blockchain games in 2018 to you.

1. HunterCoin

This game is the first gave on blockchain in history and currently the only autonomous and centralized one. It was released in 2014. The essence of the game is simple: you collect unmarked coins with the help of your own squad of hunters. As soon as they see the coin on the map, they take it and carry it to respawn. Simultaneously, other players, that is, enemy hunters, should prevent the coin from appearing in the wallet. The HunterCoin token operates inside the game.

2. Spells of Genesis

The release of the game was accompanied by a loud sensation. Spells of Genesis does not work on blockchain, like HunterCoin, but simply uses technology in the game process. The events in the game develop around the Moonga universe, where the enemy Sayosian empire – is located. The main goal is to overthrow the tyrant by collecting cards and building mines. Bitcrystals tokens operate inside the game. Android and iOS users can use the web version for free.

3. Beyond the Void

The strategy game has MOBA elements. Actions in Beyond the Void are developing in the future, where people found the “Cube”, which provides an opportunity to travel through galaxies. However, the “Cube” has a high cost, because of that people are forced to fight with each other. The game has its own ERC20 Nexium tokens, which provide access to additional resources.

4. Augmentors

This blockchain game with augmented reality has a lot in common with the well-known Pokemon Go application, as players need to create their own monsters, in Augmentors they are called Augmentors: semi-humans, cyborgs, god-characters and monsters. Now the game has 50 characters. The DataBit token is used as a means of payment inside Augmentors.

5. Bitcomon Go

The game application was released in July of 2017. The essence is quite simple: an account is created and various tasks are performed. Players receive tokens for the solution of these tasks. You can also receive the platform currency by inviting new users.

6. Yggdrasil

It is a slot game on the platform FairWin, which operates on blockchain. The main task in the game is to grow a tree. The game has levels, the tree changes appearance on each of them and opens new symbols for players. Currently, Yggdrasil is in the test phase. FWIN will be operating inside the game.

7. CryptoKitties

The game CryptoKitties is a real bomb of 2017, which has some similarities with the beloved Tamagotchi. In this game you need to buy a kitty, breed him or her with another cute little ball of fur, so that the kittens are born. Then the players can put them up for sale and receive cryptocurrency.

8. BitQuest

BitQuest is hard to call a game that works on the blockchain technology, but one can call it one of the popular ones. The game is a public server in Minecraft. The essence of the game is to kill monsters and get an “emerald”, which can also be obtained by exchanging for other items.

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Zelaa Coin: The Hottest Trend in Manufacturing ATMs for Cryptocurrencies 156

Zelaa Coin: The Hottest Trend in Manufacturing ATMs for Cryptocurrencies

What is Zelaa Coin?

The world of digital currencies is massively expanding due to the rapid development of cryptocurrencies. Thus, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are becoming one of the most popular and discussed aspects of the cryptocurrency world. Named by Forbes as “the hottest and most realistic ICO of 2018”, Zelaa will provide its customers not only with an increasing value of coins but also a steady income on a weekly basis with the help of its machines. Zelaa is a promising projects which creates automatic teller machines for cryptocurrencies for the easier process of their trading while showing advertisements of popular brands to the customers. It occupies the third place in the world for creating cryptocurrency ATMs and is the first project to charge no fee for transactions. Zelaa is based on the well-known cloud-based informational and entertainment platform Tabverts. The ad-tech backed machines can stream up to 1400 advertisements of worldwide known brands and the operators have enough power and possibilities to earn at least $2000 a week. The main goal of the project is to build a bridge between digital currencies and the reality.

What are the beneficial features of Zelaa Coin?

  • No fees for transactions. It makes it possiible for the users to earn income while using the ATMS and also enlarges the audience;
  • Ease of access. A simple interface similar to the one of a fiat ATM with cutting-edge facilities can be understood even by the users who do not have basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies;
  • A wide range of accepted currencies: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, credit cards, fiat money, bank wires, assets;
  • Mobile application. The app will make it possible for the customers to manage all of their transactions;
  • Ambitious plans. The project is ready to be launched to 24 countries within 5 years. Zelaa is planning to take over the cryptocurrency market.

The ICO details

The token of Zelaa is called ZLC (ZelaaCoin). It is a promising and highly effective ICO which depicts Zelaa’s perception of incorporating the powers of blockchain and ad-tech. The total number of tokens for sale is 110 million ZLC, while 6% of them are locked. The project has a soft cap on receipt of ETH, it is equivalent to fixed 943.80 ETH. The ICO will last 110 days unless the hard cap ($101 million) is reached. 1 ZLC equals 0.00011 BTC or 0.0014 ETH. The funds raised will be allocated in the following way: ATMs development (53%), gift code inventory (29%), IT development (12%), legal services (4%), bounty campaign (2%). The ICO will run until the 5th of June, 2018.

Zelaa is a platform which changes the perception of cryptocurrency on a global level. The process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies will become safe, authorized and fairly priced.

Join the development of the future most ambitious cryptocurrency project:

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