VISA, ödemeleri kripto para biriminde başlatmak için PayPal'ı takip ediyor

The global company VISA plans to introduce crypto payments into its services and products. Thanks to this, large and retail consumers will be able to use cryptocurrency for mutual settlements without any problems

The offer will be available to banks, financial and other sectors, and Governments in different states. This will create a convenient base for crypto payments.

According to VISA CEO Al Kelly, the payment network guarantees the safety and benefits of cryptocurrencies. Companies around the world will benefit from widespread use of digital assets.

VISA paid such attention to cryptocurrencies for a reason. The rise in the price of Bitcoin has led to an active interest in the cryptosphere from investors.

With this in mind, the CEO of VISA compared Bitcoin to the most popular asset on the planet, calling BTC digital gold. He said this at a conference on VISA income for the first quarter of this fiscal year.

According to him, for the greater prevalence of cryptocurrencies it is very important to make transactions more convenient. VISA hopes to have a hand in this. With the help of the global payment system, cryptocurrency holders will gain access to a huge market of 70 million merchants accepting VISA.

Why VISA paid attention to Bitcoin

The acceptance of Bitcoin and other digital assets has come to the point where it makes no sense to turn a blind eye to their potential. Why not add cryptocurrencies to the VISA network supporting 160 other assets.

Moreover, VISA is already actively working with 35 platforms and digital currency wallets. Users successfully buy cryptocurrency by paying the bill with their credit cards. The situation may change for the better soon.