Elon Musk, MarsCoin'i duyurdu

On Twitter MrElonPump another update. In response to a Twitter user's suggestion to create MarsCoin, Elon Musk said he had already considered it

Mansur Shahrokh said in a tweet addressed to @elonmusk that if Musk is so concerned about the high concentration of Dogecoin (DOGE) in whales, you can create your own cryptocurrency. For example, #ElonCoin.

It can be offered to DOGE holders in exchange for their assets instead of dollars. You don't have to make them richer than they really are. It is better to support your own cryptocurrency and make it the digital gold of the planet.

Musk responded to the tweet. He said it was possible, but in case of extreme necessity. @CZ from Binance joined the discussion. He already has a ready-made name for the cryptocurrency - MarsCoin. To which the CEO of Tesla replied, why not!

The idea of creating a #ElonCoin (or MarsCoin) was announced in December last year. Musk took part in a discussion started on the Internet. It was about the future economy of Mars.

To the simple question asked to him by Lex Friedman (@lexfridman) whether the economy of the planet will be built on the basis of cryptocurrency, Elon Musk answered positively. Waiting for news...

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