Bill Gates: Bitcoin sadece Elon Musk gibi zenginler içindir

In a recent speech, Bill Gates said that newcomers have nothing to do in the cryptosphere. The sophisticated and rich like Elon Musk can invest in Bitcoin

He said he wasn't worried about Tesla's Bitcoins. Musk is very well versed in this and will not lose much of his capital if the cryptocurrency will experience volatility. The rest, who do not have much money, need to be careful.

Recently, Gates also said that he has changed his opinion about Bitcoin. According to him, he has become more optimistic, but he does not plan to trade. This takes too much energy and can lead to disappointment, as transactions are irreversible.

The Gates Foundation, as we have already written, often uses non-cash payments because they allow you to track transactions. Cryptocurrencies are anonymous, but in general their impact on the world economy has increased. Gates thinks digital assets will be a lifeline for the poorest countries.

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