Neden tekerleği yeniden icat etmelisiniz? PayPal, CBDC için uygundur

We analysed yesterday's interview with the PayPal's CEO, Dan Shulman and found it interesting. According to the head of the company, PayPal has everything it needs to run CBDC on its platform

Come to think of it, that's great! With the ready-made network, most countries will be able to save and avoid the mistakes startups make. After all, PayPal is a well-established channel of non-cash payments working without failure and easily regulated.

The introduction of national digital assets in PayPal will be interesting for the ordinary users of the cryptosphere. Just imagine for a moment how many wallets with CBDC will be in 5-10 years. That's a lot!

By combining CBDC into a single network, you can make it easier to work with the payment network. Even a beginner can handle it. International payments can be made through one system.

Any country, any cryptocurrency - we are ready to help those who wish to unite national currencies into a single network

That's what Dan Shulman wanted to convey in his speech.

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