İngiliz yetkililer CBDC'yi incelemek için bir grup kurdu

The British authorities have ordered the creation of a task force related to cryptocurrency. Now Her Majesty's Treasury and the Bank of England will research cryptocurrencies in order to create the UK CBDC.

As part of the project, the departments will study in detail whether the UK needs its own stablecoin, on what basis it can be used, what risks accompany its development, and how to avoid fraud involving a potential token of the British central bank.

In addition to the working group, the Government announced the creation of a forum to receive feedback on all aspects related to the non-technical elements of the CBDC integration. They will also create a separate "technical forum" to address the technical problems of introducing a national cryptocurrency. In addition, the Bank of England has already formed a CBDC division, which will cooperate with other agencies in the country and representatives on the international stage.

After Brexit, the creation of a CBDC task force was further confirmed that local authorities were focusing on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the British Treasury, noted in autumn that leaving the EU would give the country a chance to “refresh” its financial sector. He noticed a significant positive shift in the direction of the national token and other innovations related to finance.

Rishi Sunak also stressed that Britain is extremely interested in blockchain, so the Government will create a fintech sandbox to attract existing startups to the country and form new ones.

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