Bitcoin'ler artık Twitter üzerinden gönderilebilir

Bottlepay, a fintech company from the UK, has launched the ability to send Bitcoins between Twitter users. This happened a month after the release of the company's app of the same name in the AppStore and Google Play mobile app stores.

The Bottlepay team managed to raise $15 million at the end of February as part of a seed round of funding. Funds for the startup idea came from Alan Howard's British hedge fund, NYDIG, Fintech Collective, and Goldman Sachs.

The company's app aims to facilitate social and streaming micropayments between users and should soon be integrated into even more social networks. The first on the plan was obviously Twitter. Bottlepay went on to target Twitch, Reddit, Mastodon, Discord, and Telegram.

Since its launch in February, the company has reported that its customers have already completed transactions worth more than $2.37 million. One of the team's immediate tasks is to increase the number of fiat currencies in the list of services by introducing payments in euros and then in other equivalents.

To send someone some satoshi, you need to know that person's nickname and use a simple command: “@bottlepay send 10,000 sats to @twitteruser”. Where the last inscription with the @ sign should contain the nickname of the recipient of the cryptocurrency. The amount is naturally adjustable and can be either less or more satoshi.

While Bottlepay is just beginning to gain popularity, the Crunchbase portal has already named them the # 1 Bitcoin startup worldwide, which not only increased user interest in the application, but also the number of beta testers to 20,000 people

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