Ukrayna'da kripto ile nasıl para çekilir veya nerede ödeme yapılır?

It was previously discussed how residents and non-residents of Ukraine can purchase digital assets, in connection with the restrictions imposed by the NBU and the adopted law “On Virtual Assets”, against the background of the war unleashed by the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

Now let's look at an equally important topic - how to withdraw and where you can pay with cryptocurrency in Ukraine. 

Crypto withdrawal is allowed, but there are nuances  

The National Bank of Ukraine did not impose a ban on banks servicing payments for crediting the hryvnia from cryptocurrency exchanges. Officially, for today, the restrictions apply only to quasi-cash transactions for the purchase of digital assets. Most exchanges, including KUNA , process customer withdrawals as normal. 

Apparently, the problems affected only the Binance exchange. There is information in the media that Monobank has banned users from withdrawing funds from this platform to hryvnia cards. A similar situation is observed with Privatbank. 

Official representatives of Monobank assured that the restrictions would not affect other Ukrainian and foreign exchanges. 

How to withdraw hryvnia to KUNA 

  1. Exchange crypto for hryvnia in the “Trading” section. More than 18 pairs with UAH are available on KUNA. 
  2. Go to the "Assets" page, find UAH among the currencies and click "Withdraw". 
  3. Choose one of the available payment methods: 

Bank card Visa / Mastercard - commission 1.5%.

GEO Pay service - commission 1.5%.

KUNA Code - commission 0%.

What can you buy for crypto in Ukraine

The DIM group of companies is the first in Ukraine to implement the option of buying real estate for cryptocurrencies. Payment will be accepted in four stablecoins: USDC, USDT, BUSD, DAI. 

We also provide a list of the most interesting companies that have already implemented the acceptance of payments in crypto. 

Servak ​​is a platform that sells used servers for businesses, allowing startups to save on expensive equipment. 

Hotmine - it is logical that the Ukrainian manufacturer of mining equipment accepts payment in crypto. 

Avtoplenka — an online store that sells carbon film and others for cars wholesale and retail, allowing you to pay in bitcoin. 

Barbos — thanks to this online seller of pet supplies, Ukrainians can buy everything they need for their pets for BTC and ETH. 

Farvater - In this travel agency, you can buy a tour for any cryptocurrency using BinancePay.  

Juscutum is a progressive law firm that not only provides crypto consulting services, but also accepts payment in digital assets. 

MyBro is a store selling electric scooters, electric bikes or electric bikes in Ukraine that accepts bitcoin. 

In Green is an online store with a large selection of construction tools with delivery in Ukraine and payment in USDT and BTC. 

These are just some of the companies that today allow you to purchase goods or provide services for cryptocurrency. We can say with confidence that with the development of the industry and the entry into force of the law “On virtual assets”, more and more services will integrate cryptocurrencies into their systems. 

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CoinShark is not responsible for the content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products, or any other content posted on the site. This article is for informational purposes, prepared on the basis of materials and information from KUNA open sources. Cryptocurrency is a high-risk asset, investing in it can lead to losses. Readers should do their own research before taking any action. 

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