Kraken'da FLOW hissesi 2 ayda 725 milyon dolar yükseltti

Flow Staking, Dapper Labs - the same company that gave the world CryptoKitties, attracted more than 725 million dollars on Kraken

This digital asset appeared on the stock exchange less than 6 weeks ago, on January 27, 2021. It immediately received a high level of attention and attracted a lot of investment. To date, the volume of cryptocurrency trading is $507 million.

According to a representative of the Kraken exchange, the FLOW stak program at Kraken has been launched recently. The popularity of FLOW is inherently linked to the growing demand for NFT tokens.

The annual yield for this cryptocurrency is 20% (on average 9%).

In addition to the cryptocurrency FLOW on the Kraken exchange, you can earn on staking seven more cryptocurrencies (ATOM, BTC, DOT, ETH, KSM, KAVA, XT). You can also receive funds for storage EUR and USD with an annual rate of 1.5% and 2%.

The main advantage of the Kraken program is the ability to make minimum amounts for staking. For example, from 0.0001 ETH (2 cents). Visit the site Kraken to learn more about staking and start earning!

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