İyimser Toplamalar Ethereum Ücretlerini Azaltmaya Yardımcı Olacak

Optimistic Rollups is a product for off-grid computing on Ethereum. It can help you reduce transaction fees

The solution works on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Blockchain entries for DeFi and other popular ERC-20 projects are done quickly, cost effectively and do not overload the network.

The developer calls the product safe and timely, as Ethereum 2.0 is still far from the launch. The transition to Proof-of-Stake mining can take years.

With the help of Optimistic Rollups, you can bypass various restrictions, including those from Solidity and EVM. The add-on is based on the project's own virtual machine - Cartesi Machine.

The developers emphasize that Optimistic Rollups can be used to process smart contracts running on Linux. This expands the possibilities.

The add-on allows you to attract developers who have never programmed for blockchain. They will work in a system similar to the web interface. For many it is easier and more familiar.