Mina: zorluklardan yıldızlara

Today, the largest crypto exchanges Kraken and OKEx officially opened their doors to those wishing to purchase MINA tokens from the Mina Protocol team. Meanwhile, technical difficulties have continued on the CoinList exchange since yesterday, due to which users cannot participate in trading.

Due to problems, allegedly of a technical nature, a notification appeared on the CoinList platform yesterday that the CoinList Pro service was unavailable for 10 minutes before 00:45 UTC. For this reason, MINA trading was postponed by 15 minutes. However, a little later, the CoinList team announced the continuation of work on the problem that had arisen and the postponement of trading in MINA tokens for an indefinite period.

A few hours after the start of technical work, CoinList representatives got in touch again, stating that as soon as the system continues to work, as usual, users will need to place new orders in the MINA/USD and MINA/USDT pairs, since all previously placed orders were canceled.

As a result, it took more than 7 hours before the token trading became available again to CoinList Pro clients. Only the site clarified that the search for a solution to the MINA trade problem continues and tokens are still unavailable on CoinList.co and CoinList Mobile. In addition, after a minute, the team updated the status, adding that in addition to trading MINA, the withdrawal of tokens is also temporarily suspended.

Considering that users who had invested in the token earlier managed to significantly increase their deposits, placing high hopes on MINA, the situation turned out to be extremely unpleasant. Therefore, many began to express their dissatisfaction on Twitter and write to technical support.

In the eyes of token holders, the problem with the withdrawal of MINA on CoinList looks artificially created in order to show unnecessary panic in the market among novice investors and provoke a coin dump. But is it really so - no one knows.

So far, one thing is clear - when most amateurs get rid of their tokens, succumbing to FUD, the situation may change dramatically. More serious players who have found a real use for their coins will remain in the project, which means MINA will be able to start the race towards insane figures of $50 and even $100 per coin.

As for cryptocurrency trading and its current rate, the situation is as follows:

Kraken: MINA/USD trades available, token price - $3.17

OKEx: MINA/USD trades available, token price - $3.17

CoinList Pro: MINA/USD and MINA/USDT trades available, token prices are $3.14 and $3.35, respectively

The hype around the project does not subside, since the crypto community still expects solid Xs from him. But the question "Will people's expectations come true?" remains open.

According to the information at our disposal, in the near future, Binance and Huobi will also start trading in pairs MINA/BTC, MINA/USDT, MINA/BNB, MINA/HT. Most likely, these giants of the crypto market will be able to dot the "i".

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