SBI Holdings kendi madencilik havuzunu oluşturdu

The financial group SBI Holdings, headquartered in Tokyo, announced the appearance of their new mining pool. One of the departments of the Japanese financial group of companies - SBI Crypto was formed four years ago and has been actively mining cryptocurrencies since then.

SBI Crypto mines not only using facilities located at facilities owned by a financial conglomerate in Japan, but also operates outside the country.

Starting today, they have the ability to connect to the pool by submitting a request to open an account. And starting next month, the procedure for subscribing to their services will be greatly simplified.

One SBI Holdings spokesperson emphasised that while they primarily target institutional clients, the service can be used by individuals.

The hashrate of the SBI Crypto division's new mining pool is 1.1 EH / s, and so far it is more than enough to ensure the stability of the mining pool. In addition, this amount is 1.6% of the total computing power of Bitcoin. The total hashrate of Crypto is 2.4 EH / s.

Based on the latter indicator, the resource put the company in 11th place in the top hash rates that exist today

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