ETH madencileri Nvidia'yı devralacak

If ETH mining raises demand for Nvidia graphics cards, the company will restart its line of mining hardware. Information released with reference to Nvidia CFO.

Currently, the bulk of Nvidia video cards are in demand by gamers. It is on them that the company is guided in the manufacture of its products.

RTX 3000 graphics cards are in huge demand. Their shortage in the market due to high demand, and a reduction in Nvidia's production capacity led to an increase in their price.

Decreased product availability hit hard for gamers and miners alike. Video cards are barely enough for gaming needs. Therefore, the announcement of a possible restart of the mining line sounds encouraging.

According to Nvidia's CFO, the company may start manufacturing CMP products. These are video cards that do not have video output to the display. They are designed specifically for mining. However, these are plans for the future.

The situation is darkened by the recent announcement by Nvidia representatives that the company does not have a clear vision of the demand for video cards from miners. Therefore, the manufacturer of video cards does not consider the release of cards for mining as a promising business line.

This looks very strange against the background of reports that some installations from 60-78 Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080 video cards are actively used for mining ETH. With their help, miners earn up to $122,000 annually. 

This means that Nvidia is deliberately ignoring demand. This leads to an increase in the price of video cards in the secondary market and deprives Nvidia of quite tangible profits. 

We think that the company's management does not fully realize how promising the production of video cards for mining ETH can be. Nvidia's competitors now have all the conditions to leave it far behind...