İngiliz madenci 32 bin sterlin değerinde elektrik çaldı

A BTC miner from Leicestershire, England was arrested for robbing electricity for his mining rigs.

Sanjay Singh, 40, was judged to be 13 months and 2 weeks in jail after being charged with two counts of electricity theft, according to the CPS. It was originally planned that Singh will appear in court on October 11, 2021, but he soon pleaded guilty to all charges.

The accused was engaged in a business related to the mining of BTC. But, apparently, he decided that the electricity bills in the county were exorbitant, so he did everything to use the electricity for as long as possible with impunity, for which he did not pay. This happened thanks to the manipulation of wiring and connecting more than 200 miners to the network. However, the scammer's actions were declassified when a local electricity company examined a malfunction induced by a substation overload due to connected mining rigs.

Singh placed some of his devices in one of the manufacturing enterprises in Coalville, and another in the Firefly nightclub located in Loughborough, which closed for the summer holidays at the time of the active mining of digital currencies.

Following a detailed investigation, the Crown Prosecution Service reported Singh's theft of £32,000 ($43 800) worth of electricity. CPS spokesman Andrew Baxter stated the incident was very rare for them. Oftentimes, when they detect electricity theft, it turns out to be mostly related to criminal activity, like the cultivation of cannabis, and not to the mining of Bitcoins or different digital currencies.

He also stressed that mining itself, of course, would not have embarrassed anyone if Sanjay Singh "was honest enough to cover the costs of his own business." In addition, law enforcement officers were outraged by the exposed wires left by Singh after manipulations with the wiring, which endangered people.

Now the would-be miner will have to abstain from the entrepreneurial activity for a year within the walls of a local prison, as well as cover the costs of the injured party in the person of the energy company.

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