BTC: yeni büyüme ve yeni ATH

Bitcoin received a powerful signal this week. Tesla's investments have made the royal coin even stronger. More large investors plan to enter the market despite some doubts

For example, former Goldman Sachs representative Raul Pal believes that the prospects for entering the market are excellent. However, there is one important point. Over time, when there are more companies, it will be difficult for regulators to regulate the cryptosphere.

Let's think about what will happen to Bitcoin in the future. Many say that the first cryptocurrency will soon reach the figure of $62,000. There are more bolder predictions.

For example, analyst Timothy Peterson believes that if the number of owners of more than 1000 Bitcoins increases by ten percent, the price of Bitcoin will be higher by 200%. And if the increase is 50%, the cost of BTC will reach $140,000.

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