Akıllı Kontrakter bir sonraki Aave parasını adlandırdı

A popular cryptocurrency analyst with the nickname Smart Contracter, who predicted a bearish Bitcoin market in 2018, draws the attention of his followers to a coin that could repeat the revolutionary growth of Aave in 2020

84 thousand subscribers of Smart Contracter on Twitter got access to the forecast regarding the success of the Cream cryptocurrency (CREAM). In 2021, this coin could follow in the footsteps of the DeFi market leader.

Let's remind that for Aave, the last year was truly stellar. The token, formerly called ETHlend (LEND), has shot up 58210% since its inception.

If CREAM, a peer-to-peer lending project, makes at least 10 X's, then the token will rise from $75 to $750. Smart Contracter says it's a great opportunity. Already, the coin is up 137% over the past week. Stay tuned!