Ripple, SEC'e resmi bir yanıt gönderdi

Ripple's chief legal adviser Stuart Alderoti said that it was in an official letter that Ripple responded to the SEC

Stewart Alderoti explained a few things to know about Ripple:

  • XRP is a digital currency and is not under the jurisdiction of the SEC.
  • Ripple has not entered into any investment contracts with XRP holders.
  • Ripple did not conduct an ICO, did not offer tokens in return for investments.
  • The presence of XRP coins in the wallet does not give the right to claim the project's profit.
  • During the initial token sale, less than one percent of the coins issued over 8 years were distributed.
  • Token transactions are decentralized. The project management does not influence them.

Earlier, XRP tokens were recognized as a virtual currency by the FSA regulator. Ripple's management draws attention to this fact and says that the SEC is not entirely consistent in its decisions.