IOTA Büyük Güncellemesi 28 Nisan'da Geliyor

Once popular cryptocurrency since 2017 has lost its adherents. To regain their former positions, the guys on IOTA team plan to implement an update and add a lot of new features

IOTA developers are confident that the project can shoot again. It took a small internal reorganisation and a few updates that will put the crypto project on the path of success again.

According to the CEO of IOTA Fund, after the update in 2021, the project will change so much that it will actually turn into something completely new.

IOTA is not a normal blockchain. The project is based on a different principle of data organisation. Its structure is built on an acyclic graph (DAG).

This is a distributed registry that does not need mining or commission costs. Transactions, thanks to DAG, are conducted quickly, securely and confidentially.

In 2021, the project will be further optimised and large IOTA data networks will migrate to Chrysalis. The date of migration has already been announced - 28.04.2021.

This update will bring a lot of positive changes as well as solve a few problems. Among them will be eliminating the coordinator's node, which hindered the achievement of decentralisation in the network.

It is also announced that after the upgrade, the project will be compatible with Oracle, most convenient and secure wallets, smart contracts, many applications and scalable payments.

In anticipation of the update, users remain optimistic. Even when Bitcoin was falling and its chart was red, the IOTA token experienced a surge of interest from investors for a month. Its price has risen by 60% in three weeks.

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Seeing the prospects, it is not surprising that on the chart of this cryptocurrency follows one green candle after another. Let's see if the project will meet the expectations of investors!

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