Toyota Presents a Rover Concept that will Enable Astronauts to Travel on the Surface of the Moon without Space Units

Specialists of automobile concern Toyota are building a unique lunar rover. Its main feature is that astronauts will be able to move around the moon without space units. The rover will also have an autopilot so that people won’t have to control it. The lunar rover is designed for two people, but, if needed, four people can be in it.

It should be noted that in recent years the world community is showing interest now in studying the natural satellite of our planet. Toyota is working closely with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). Preparations for the next missions are under way (they are scheduled for 2029th and 2034th). By this time the rovers should be fully prepared.

This vehicle is now at the design stage, but we have some technical details:

  •        A cabin is able to accommodate from two to four people;
  •        Rover will work on ICE;
  •        The lunar rover will have a cruising range of about 10,000 km;
  •        Astronauts will be able to be inside the cabin (under pressure) for a few weeks.

Such development will significantly simplify the process of studying the moon surface and will help to solve the riddles of the natural satellite of the Earth.

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