Fortnite 7.40 Upgrade Drama: What Happened to Aim Assist?

Fortnite is currently one of the most popular games in the genre of battle royale, if not the most popular one.

With around 200 million players all over the world, any updates or news about the game always make it into the top headlines and video review of the most famous video game bloggers.

The upgrade v.7.40 was one of the most long-awaited ones among the community. It was delayed multiple times, but when it finally did come out, a lot of controversies started going round. Patch 7.40, probably on the most major updates in the history of Fortnite, was supposed to solve a range of bugs that players complained about, for instance, the game developers promised to reduce the structure damage of Hand Cannons, add the ability to crouch in the edit mode, increase the reload time for Rocket Launcher and a lot of other features.

However, all the good things were forgotten as soon as console players noticed the new aim assist feature. It was listed as a “bug fix” and was supposed to make the game experience smoother by preventing spamming Aim Down Sight button etc. Unfortunately, it never happened. Although the bug was actually fixed, the console gamers started complaining that the guns in the game did not feel the same after the update.

The discontent of the players was so great, that the developers had to reverse the adjustment just a few hours after it came out, yesterday on February 14. They informed about it on Reddit.

Hey folks, we wanted to thank you all for the quick feedback regarding this attempted bug fix. The goal for this change was to resolve an issue while keeping the same “aim assist” feel. We obviously missed the mark on this. We’ve reverted this change while we explore better solutions to this problem. Thanks again!” the developers posted in their blog.

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