Counter-Strike will add Lightning Network

Developer ZEBEDEE decided to integrate the Lightning Network into the popular Counter-Strike game. Satoshi can now be earned for every kill in Counter-Strike

The co-founder of the company said that a prototype of the Infuse application is now ready. With it, you can start earning Bitcoins through the Lightning Network.

The app integrates easily through Steam and the Counter-Strike servers running through Infuse will be able to accept payments in BTC through the Lightning network.

Counter-Strike players can now participate in battles. You just need to chip in at the very beginning, form a prize fund, which is then distributed among the winners of each match.

In test mode, the rate for participating in the game was 0.0001 BTC (about $2.7). The distribution of funds is very simple. For example, there are 100 kills in a match. The player who makes 9 of them will receive 9% of the money from the prize pool.


In a video on Twitch, the co-founder of ZEBEDEE said he sees many reasons for cryptocurrencies to integrate with the gaming industry. The same Counter-Strike has over 20 million active users. If you convert at least 1 percent of players into BTC on the Lightning Network, it will be one of the most popular blockchain applications.

The launch of the application, tested on private servers, will take place in the first quarter of 2021. With the help of this application, in the future, it will be possible to integrate Bitcoin payments into other already popular games.


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