Call of Duty esportsman will launch his own NFT

Professional eSportsman of the league Call of Duty from the team Subliners under the name Diamondcon announced the launch of eSports NFT. Details are not yet known, but should be published in his Twitter account in the near future.

Given how actively gamers spend their blood on virtual items, add-ons and other "buns" that have never been physically owned, NFT will surely have to their liking. In addition, tokens have performed well in the gaming industry on the example of the legendary CryptoKitties, which have gained natural scale, generator of mythical monsters Axie Infinity, cyberpunk-RPG Neon District and card "collection" Gods Unchained.

Many e-sportsmen note that streaming resembles NFT. Once he had a bunch of skeptics claiming that this is only a fleeting phenomenon and "another trend". But take a look at this industry today and check how many millions of dollars a year the main Streamers earn twitch. The same can happen with NFT.

NFT from Diamondcon will be the first non-importable token in the discipline Call of Duty, so many of its fans can no longer wait for the release of the token, as written in the comments to the tweets of the eSportsman.

Customers need to keep a close eye on Diamondcon's Twitter account if they want to purchase a unique NFT from their favorite Subliners player.

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