Amazon Is Developing The Game

More recently, Amazon Game Studios announced their most recent project - the multiplayer online game "Lord of the Rings", which they are developing in union with Leyou. According to the creators, this project will be available on both PCs and popular game consoles for free. According to the developers, the new game will affect the times that occurred long before the events of the popular trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit." It sounds suspiciously similar to another sensational project from Amazon - the upcoming television series "The Lord of the Rings." Note that this series should be the most expensive in the history of cinema, the announced budget is 1 billion US dollars. Amazon representatives say that the upcoming show and the game are developed separately and are not related. At the moment there is no detailed information on when Amazon plans to release this game and on which particular consoles it will be available, but we expect to receive more detailed information in the near future. We want to remind: