Willie Woo Believes BTC Will be Less Volatile Than Fiat

The other day the trader admitted that the problem with bitcoin is that it is valued in dollar and euro equivalents. However, over time, this will pass

In 10-10.5 years, bitcoin will have the same volatility as EUR/USD. In 13 years, bitcoin will be as widespread as the Internet. It will be a substitute for money, and will be part of the new monetary base. The accounting systems will switch to BTC and its turbulence will be minimal.

Now the adoption of bitcoin is the same as that of the Internet in 1997. However, the growth rate of the first cryptocurrency is higher. In four years, there will be 1 billion BTC users in the world, equivalent to 2005.

By the way, according to Woo, it is not necessary to complain too much about volatility. It stimulates the market and leads to an exponential increase in the value of bitcoin.

This attracts traders, increases the liquidity of the cryptocurrency and strengthens its position. So, at the beginning, bitcoin volatility is even useful!

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