Trader KALEO Told About His Favorites Altcoins

According to the trader, the main interest now is the increase in the value of Cardano (ADA). The purpose of the coin is to double the price during the bull rally

Cryptocurrency recently exceeded ATH 2018. This will be followed by further active growth with a doubling of its value. Looking at the rapid increase in the price of ADA, which at the time of writing is $2.3, we readily believe KALEO.



Paired with Bitcoin Cardano need to overcome resistance, after which the cryptocurrency will also be able to rise up. It's about resistance at the level of 4.2 thousand satoshi.

Other altcoins that can benefit from investments are (YFI). In the currency pair with Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency demonstrates a breakthrough. This proves once again that deFi can pay great dividends.

KALEO does not have YFI in its portfolio. However, he said, it's hard not to see what prospects DeFi projects bring. So, he starts to look at projects in which you can invest.

The third altcoin that interested the trader is Oxygen (OXY). Cryptocurrency is built on the Solana blockchain. In the near future, the coin will go up after it recently reached the bottom. The trader is thinking of buying more OXY tokens while the projects on Solana are undervalued.



The fourth on the list of coins ready to start a new round of growth is Polkadot (DOT). The coin needs to overcome the resistance formed at $48 to go up. The DOT graph shows that there are all the prerequisites for this.

We remind you that you can find out the price and start trading digital assets safely on the Binance.

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