Scott Melker: ETH Could be Worth More Than $3000

The value of the cryptocurrency Ethereum for a couple of weeks shows a confident growth. Is this enough for the new ATH?

On April 2, ETH installed a new ATH of $2,146. Despite the further pullback, now the cryptocurrency has received support for $2,000. A new maximum is likely - above $3,000. Analyst Scott Melker says this.

The price of Ethereum can rise above $3,000. This may be on the wave of optimism, green charts of the first cryptocurrency, institutional investment, popularity of DeFi and NFT.

It is likely that by the end of 2021, ETH will cost $10,000. There's nothing incredible about that. We've seen Bitcoin double the value a couple of times in a year.

Scott Melker's opinion is supported by another trader - Aaron Arnold, which we mentioned today. It is possible that the bull market Ofeum is ahead.

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