Leading BitMEX Trader Believes in DOGE and LTC

The well-known cryptocurrency trader Angelo, who has more than 232,700 followers on Twitter, said he will keep in his portfolio DOGE until the cryptocurrency reaches a price of 1 dollar

In a tweet, BTC trader BitMEX said it had previously lost $8.28 million on Dogecoin due to a cost correction. However, he is not worried at all. According to him, he is 100% confident in cryptocurrency. Just look at what from a joke or meme Dogecoin turned into a cryptocurrency from the top 10.

Sooner or later, Doge will be traded for $1. The trader is also confident in the LTC positions. In his opinion, there are prerequisites for a 30% increase in the crypto price in the future. So now is a great time to buy a LTC for $270 and wait for it to cost $400.



Recall that bitcoin has a good position again. Yesterday, BTC soared above $57,000. That's a great figure, which is $10,000 higher than the price at the weekend.

The rapid growth of the crypto was first demonstrated in the Asian market. Its price soared to 57,289.80. At the same time, the value of bitcoin was only 53958.23 on European exchanges. But now the gap has narrowed.

You can find out the current price of bitcoin on BitMEX.

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