Lark Davis: Bitcoin will Soon Recover

Analyst and crypto trader Lark Davis recently shared his opinion about what is happening on the crypto market. According to him, the situation is not as frightening as it seems

Davis believes bitcoiners shouldn't pay attention to Musk's comments and other haters. There is no need to worry about the fall in the value of bitcoin.

The bitcoin market will be able to withstand the current situation. Just look at the market for 2017. At that time, bitcoin experienced more than one setback, and ended with significant growth in 2020 and 2021.



Given that the situation is embedded in the 2017 model, Davis believes that the growth of the cryptocurrency has just begun. By the end of this year, bitcoin will add a good price.

To convince others, the trader suggests not looking at the current local correction, but to consider the big picture. It's typical of the crypto market.

This is not the first rollback. Such price movements regularly happen on the crypto market. In a couple of weeks, the situation will be the opposite.

So it is not worth selling cryptocurrency. On the contrary, the current downturn is a great time to replenish bitcoin reserves.

You can find out the current price for Bitcoin on the Poloniex exchange.

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