Ben Armstrong: Cardano (ADA) $8 Already by Halloween

According to the crypto analyst, two digital currencies are valuable. This is Cardano and Ethereum - two giants in the altcoin market

The popularity of ETH raises no questions. But why does Armstrong believe so much in ADA? According to him, the project has undergone a global transformation and it has something to offer both users and the cryptosphere.

This is well understood by investors. Therefore, interest in Cardano is progressing. Large companies are interested in the blockchain project. So, the future of this cryptocurrency is a foregone conclusion.

Why is the price of Cardano rising?

In 2021, ADA gained popularity thanks to the bull market and the altcoin boom. But still the main merit belongs to the developers of the project, adding Cardano new features.

Also, do not forget that compared to Ethereum, ADA has a limited emission. There are 45 million tokens in total. This means that the cryptocurrency is less prone to inflation.

Based on this, the analyst says that ADA could cost $5-$15 in the next couple of years. It has passed the price-determination phase at the end of 2020. Now its value is dictated by the value of the project, not by external influences or news background.

According to Armstrong, the ADA could be worth $8 by the end of October. At the time of publication, the coin is trading at $1.21.

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