Top Six Most Important Blockchain Organizations: What Are They?
It has been a decade since Satoshi Nakamoto presented the blockchain technology to the world. And it was a long way to worldwide recognition of Bitcoin. With the help of this technology, the crypto world exploded and brought so many interesting projects. As of 2019, the blockchain technology thrives and a lot of companies became leaders in this field. Let us check what are the most important organizations?

1. Cambridge Blockchain Forum

The Forum was launched in 2018, it is an annual event organized by Cambridge Blockchain Hub. The main goal is bring together the representatives of the blockchain world together to share thoughts about further development and current innovations. Moreover, it aims to explore the possible collaborations and ventures that will combine Cambridge academy and private and public sector of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

2. Blockchain Research Institute

The Blockchain Research Institute is a system of people who are experts in the blockchain technology. The work together in order to implement blockchain in different worldwide systems. A global think-tank was established by Don and Alex Tapscott in 2017. The founders of the Institute is the authors of Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin is Changing Money, Business and the World. The organization is running more than one hundred blockchain-researched projects. They are mostly focused on energy and power, finance, government, healthcare, telecom, manufacturing, media, resources and mining, technology and retail.

3.  Cleveland Blockchain and Digital Futures Hub

The hub was launched in late-2018 as a result of collaboration between Cleveland State University and Case Western. The organization mostly touches the technological developments, like VR, AR, the Internet of Things. Yet, it also does not forget about use of blockchain technology in both public and private sector. The hub is also known for creating Blockland - a school for new blockchain developers.

4. Slovenian Blockchain Think Tank

The Slovenian Blockchain Think Tank was created by the Slovenian Digital Coalitionas a way to improve the education system in the country. It mostly focus on raising awareness in the EU and drafting new legislation around blockchain technology.

5. ThinkBlockTank

There is another European blockchain organization which was created to bring importance of implementing the blockchain in the Union. Think-tank was launched on November 2018 by Letzblock to take up distributed ledger technologies, token regulation, blockchain. The hub also released “EU Token Regulation Paper.”

6. CRYSTAL Centre

This organization was launched by the National University of Singapore (NUS) School of Computing. The name of the hub stands for Cryptocurrency Strategy, Techniques and Algorithms, it is created to help startups to be implemented in private and public sector. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: