TOP-7 Technological Blockchain Trends in 2019

The pace at which the blockchain industry develops is breathtaking. Blockchain contributed a lot to the technology development. But a lot doesn’t mean that it has nothing to offer to the world anymore.

Therefore in this article, The Coin Shark offers you to take a look at TOP-7 the most awaited blockchain technological trends of 2019.

1. Blockchain As A Service (BaaS)

Certainly, blockchain is one of revolutionary technologies of the 21st century. It is able to solve an incredible number of problems and tasks. Therefore, many start-ups and companies are working on the development of their own blockchain decision. One of such decisions is BaaS service, which is a cloud service for creating your own products on blockchain and smart-contracts.

Although, the world giants such as Amazon and Microsoft already provide BaaS service and the demand starts growing.

2. Hybrid Blockchains

There are several blockchain versions, one of which is a hybrid. Presumably, it will become a trend in 2019.

A hybrid blockchain is worth your attention, because there are several variants of its usage and namely its integration in a hybrid IoT, banking, supply chain and corporate services.

3. Federated Blockchain

Some people believe that 2019 is the year of a federated blockchain. The presented type of technology is an evolution of blockchain standards. It’s perfect for many private cases of use such as: the insurance recoveries, financial services,supply chain management etc.

4. Ricardian Contracts

This is also one of blockchain trends of 2019, which is basically a legal contract for mutual agreement between sides. Ricardian contracts unite legal contracts with technologies. In this case, legal contacts will be cryptographically checked and signed.

The uniqueness of Ricardian contracts is that they are simple for understanding. It spares mediators between technology and people.

5. Interaction between Blockchains

With time we see new blockchain based networks. It leads to formation of new chains, offering various network processing speed etc.

The interoperability of blockchain is aimed at improving the informational exchange between various networks and systems on blockchain basis. This trend improves  the compatibility of blockchains as well as makes them more practical for everyday use.

With interoperability of chains of blocks, as an example, you can send information from EOS into Ethereum chains of blocks. Several examples include: BlockNet, Aion, WanChain etc.

6. Stablecoins

Such coins unlike cryptocurrency have stable rate, since they do not depend on the condition of the market and they are supported by goods or by fiat currency. The brightest example of stablecoins is Tether.  

7. Security Tokens

Such tokens protect the investors’ rights during an ICO. Security tokens will become a trend in blockchain industry in 2019, since now we are observing the transfer from ICO to STO.

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A Big Meteorite Exploded over Russia Again

This asteroid is the second largest extraterrestrial object that fell on our planet over the past 30 years, after the Chelyabinsk meteorite, that “visited” the Earth in 2013th year.

According to NASA, the incident occurred on December 18, 2018, near the Kamchatka Peninsula. Since the explosion occurred far from civilization, namely over the Bering Sea, this event did not attract much attention in the media. Although it is worth noting that it was quite powerful, the explosion released 10 times more energy than was released during the nuclear bombardment of Hiroshima (173 kilotons).

December 18, 2018, at about 12:00 local time, a meteorite burst into the atmosphere of our planet at a 7-degree angle at a speed of about 32 kilometers per second. The diameter of the cosmic body, which exploded at an altitude of 25.6 kilometers above the earth, was only a few meters. It is not small for a meteorite since space objects of similar magnitude hit our planet no more than 2-3 times per century. If an asteroid of this size fell to the surface of the Earth, this would have irreversible consequences for the whole region.

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Apple Officially Showed Two New iPad Models, Without Waiting for the Presentation

Apple company updated two long-forgotten tablets at the same time – we are talking about iPad mini and iPad Air.

As for the small tablet, its display diagonal remains the same – 7.9 inches. It is equipped with the most modern and productive chip of A12 Bionic own production. If we compare the updated iPad mini with a tablet of the previous generation, then we can notice a productivity increase of 300% and graphics acceleration by a whole 1000%.

The new iPad is equipped with a new advanced Retina display, which certainly supports True Tone technology. It is 25% brighter and also regarding the relatively small diagonal of the display, we can say that the iPad mini of the new generation has a display with the highest PPI (pixel density per inch) among the entire line of Apple tablets. The price of this gadget starts at $399.

Source: Apple

“Big Brother” is also run by the new A12 Bionic chip. iPad Air with a display diagonal of 10.5 inches has increased productivity compared to the previous model by 70% and accelerated graphics by 200%. One of the new features of the gadget is support of Apple Pencil and True Tone technology. The price of the new iPad Air starts at $499.

Source: Apple

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The Neural Network of NVIDIA Will Turn You into a World-Class Artist

Have you ever seen a beautiful landscape, sunset or a flower field and felt the desire to capture the moment? But then the realization that you don’t have enough skills hit you hard. We are happy to inform everybody who can relate to this that NVIDIA will soon fix this issue and let all people express themselves regardless of their skill level.

The company NVIDIA has created a neural network called GauGAN which is capable of turning primitive sketches into realistic, photolike pictures. This deep learning model can basically turn a kids’ doodles into a work of art.

Source: Slash Gear

GauGAN turns circle into beautiful lakes or seas, triangles into picturesque mountain chains, the blue background into a gorgeous multicolored sky. The deep learning model was trained specifically to recognize various objects on the drawing and use its database to make them look almost real.

Besides making things look better, the neural network also analyzes the overall picture, taking into account various details. For example, if you decided to portray a lake and a tree on its shore, GauGAN will add a reflection of the tree on the water surface.

The neural network was trained using hundreds of photos of nature and wildlife and is capable of producing almost any kind of landscape.

GauGAN is an absolute breakthrough of NVIDIA in the field of artificial intelligence and machine training. The neural network created by the company will open up new horizons for hundreds of people that dream of creating art pieces.

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Elon Musk Showed Fans the First Teaser of the Tesla Electric Pickup Truck

Recall that last Friday there was a presentation of a younger crossover – Model Y in the design studio of Tesla company. The new car was perceived ambiguously, some fans expected the crossover to have more differences from the compact Model 3 sedan. Although it was quite expected since the characteristics of Model Y have been known for a long time.

It is also known that the next presentation, which Elon Musk will carry for Tesla, will concern a car with a completely new design – an electric pickup, which does not have a name yet.

Just recently, Musk confirmed that the new pickup will have a very futuristic design that he personally likes very much. Literally, right after the presentation of the compact crossover, Elon posted a teaser for new pickup on Twitter.

Of course, it is very difficult to see any elements of the exterior on this picture, but most users agreed that the teaser shows the hood of the upcoming new pickup.

There is still very little information about this car:

  • it will have crazy power and torque;
  • power reserve will be 600 – 750 km;
  • and of course, the pickup will be equipped with a full autopilot;
  • it should be presented this year;
  • its mass production will begin no earlier than 2021-2022.

We will closely follow the news and provide you with the latest information.

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Google Has Developed a Helper Application for People with Limited Vision

Google has introduced the application Lookout, which will be useful for people with poor eyesight. This application “sees” surrounding objects and names them with the help of a smartphone camera. At the moment, only residents of the USA can use this application.


Lookout is a fairly universal assistant, as it can recognize various objects: traffic signs, bar codes, text, money, etc.

Lookout can work in three different modes:

  • quick read;
  • explore;
  • shopping.

In the “quick read” mode, the program doesn’t know how to recognize objects, but only text, which is written on them. In the “explore” mode, the application recognizes those objects that fall into the camera lens of a smartphone. The new product from Google is able to voice what it sees, count the distance to objects, as well as make various sound signals. The “shopping” mode activates the ability to recognize price tags, barcodes, and QR codes.

The user has the ability to set the sensitivity of the application himself. For the convenience in using, developers advise to put the phone in a breast pocket or hang it around the neck, the camera forward. For the correct work of the application, the camera of the phone must be directed to the objects that need to be recognized. Interface management is implemented through gestures on the fingerprint scanner.

It is worth noting that the developers stated that their creation is not 100% working yet and asked the users to report about any errors that occurred.

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Joseph Lubin: Introduction of Blockchain Technology Leads to Rapid Growth in the Global Economy

CEO of ConsenSys during his speech at the SXSW conference stated that the massive introduction of blockchain technology will allow the global economy to grow 10 times in just a couple of decades.

He stressed that there aren’t a lot of ordinary people now who are using products based on distributed ledger technology in their everyday life. After that, he compared the blockchain technology with e-mail which was not so widely popular in the 80s of the XX century.  

“There weren’t a lot of ‘normal’ people firing email around in 1983.”

Besides this, in his speech, Joseph Lubin recalled the upcoming Euthereum 2.0 update. He believes that a new version of Vitalik Buterin’s creation won’t have so many of the current flaws. Lubin also said a few words about the first cryptocurrency:

“In Bitcoin and currently in Ethereum, you need to have specialized hardware, burn lots of electricity, waste lots of computation, to basically keep everybody in sync. [With Ethereum 2.0, in 18 months] we’ll have a blockchain system much more powerful and scalable that uses orders of magnitude less energy.”

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