Top-5 Ways to Get Bitcoin for Free 438

Everyone who dreams to win a big jackpot on the methods of modern earnings should know about cryptocurrency, namely about the well-known Bitcoin. However, if you are here, then you are already aware that the digital currency is gradually capturing the economic segment and displacing the currency, reducing its value every day. This phenomenon has an explanation, but it is not what we will focus on now.

How to become a part of the cryptocurrency world? Of course, the first step is to buy cryptocurrency, best of all, bitcoin. What is left do to for those who can not afford such a luxury? How to get it for free? And is this possible in reality? To address these issues, The Coin Shark will talk about five effective and, most importantly, free of charge ways which will help you replenish the personal digital wallet with the world’s first cryptocurrency.

1st way: Bitcoin faucets 

There are many opinions concerning Bitcoin faucets: some holders of digital coins respond positively, others have negative comments. The fact is that this is really a working method, but you will not earn a lot on it. Get ready to receive only about 50 cents a day.

Bitcoin faucets are the sites where, having preliminarily entered the address of a Bitcoin wallet or email, a reward is given for the solution of the captcha. The reward comes in the form of the smallest part of Bitcoin, Satoshi. Also, there are enough other faucets on the Internet disguised as a variety of games, but they have the same essence everywhere: you typed captcha and received Satoshi.

You can solve the captcha using the program or manual input. Only you decide which option to choose. However, there is no difference! At first glance it seems that it is more optimal to choose the software method. You launch the software, sit and watch Satoshi being accrued. In fact, everything is not so simple, since scripts that unravel the captcha are unstable in their work and require constant administration.

2nd way: Cloud mining

Mining cryptocurrency is not necessarily performed with the help of own equipment, which is not a cheap thing. Today it is enough to rent computer capacities, which can be done on specialized sites. In order to attract new users, some sites give the power for free for a trial period.

3rd way: Play on the BTC difference

Despite the fact that Bitcoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency, which is very popular, it has been showing an unstable situation over the past few months. For example, in December of 2017 the cost of Bitcoin jumped to a record value of almost 20 thousand dollars. After that, in February of 2018 the currency could not overcome the mark of 7 thousand US dollars. In March of the same year, BTC pleased its holders a bit, passing the price point of 11 thousand US dollars.

Thus, those, who bought Bitcoin before its record take-off at a significantly lower cost and sold it in December of 2017, earned a considerable sum on this difference.

Let’s note once again that the cryptocurrency market has been unstable lately, therefore it is very difficult to anticipate the growth and decrease in prices of digital currencies without expert opinion. This method is also more expensive than the previous two, because it requires a good initial capital in order to buy BTC.

4th way: Investing Bitcoin into its creation

This method is not only costly, but also complex in implementation. However, it guarantees piles of money with a good development of events.

The essence lies in the following: you purchase mining equipment and rent it. You get 80% of the income under the contract from such a deal.

5th way: Independent mining, Bitcoin production

The method is quite demanding. It requires purchasing a video card, processor, network card, fans and other components. Moreover, it requires special software, which is pretty pricey as well.

In other words, you are building your own mining farm. Let’s take into account that one video card will not be enough, there will be a lot of problems. If you have other errands to run, then we recommend going back to the previous method which is investing, since this is a more passive way to earn Bitcoins.

Conclusion: Which way to choose?

First of all, pursuing freebies, you should understand that free cheese can be found only in a mousetrap. But still, free Bitcoins is the most real reality. It all depends on how urgently you need them. Of course, you need to pay more for urgency. If you have time to wait, then you can do without additional costs.

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Andreas Antonopoulos Criticized Bitcoin ETF 627

opinion on bitcoin etf

The well-known author of books about Bitcoin and the founder of his own Bitcoin-business Andreas Antonopoulos published a Youtube video where he expressed his opinion about Bitcoin ETF and explained why they cause so much sensation.

I’m going to burst your bubble. I know a lot of people really want to see an ETF happen because ‘too the moon’ and ‘lambos’ and all that. I think it’s a terrible idea. I still think it’s going to happen… I’m actually against ETFs,” he said.

Antonopoulos explained that he understands why many people are so impressed by the idea of Bitcoin ETF:

Everybody’s so excited about ETFs because what we’ve seen in other markets is that when an ETF becomes available—as we saw in gold—the price really increases dramatically as suddenly that commodity becomes available to a lot more investors and these investors pile on. But the other side of it is that there’s always these claims that the commodities markets are heavily manipulated and opening up these exchange-traded instruments only increases the ability of institutional investors to manipulate—especially [in the case of] large market makers—the prices of commodities, not just in the markets where it’s traded as an ETF but more broadly,” he clarified.

We remind you that the SEC postponed the decision upon Bitcoin ETF until September.

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The Former CEO of Paypal: Bitcoin Is Eventually Going to Go A Whole Lot Closer to Zero 700

bitcoin's future is not bright

The ex director of Paypal Bill Harris is known for his scepticism and harsh comments aimed at Bitcoin. He even called it “the greatest scam in the history”. This time CNBC interviewed Harris to find out whether his opinion on the world’s #1 digital coin has changed.

According to the businessman, Bitcoin is supposed to be “instant, free, scalable, efficient, secure, globally accepted and useful”, and it fails to fulfill all of those characteristics. Harris believes that there is “no value” in BTC.

He has also mentioned that there is no need in solving the problem of Bitcoin scalability, because we don’t need Bitcoin at all.

Look how difficult it is to get money from one country across the border to another. It’s slow, it’s expensive, it’s all those things. Agree. You don’t need Bitcoin, you don’t need XRP, you don’t need any of that to solve that problem. What you need is faster networks.

Unlike many of his colleagues, Bill Harris has way more trust in conventional fiat currencies due to their relative stability which cannot be said about Bitcoin.

In conclusion he summed up his thoughts by saying:

Bitcoin makes no revenue, no profitability.

Frankly speaking, the current CEO of Paypal Dan Schulman agrees with Harris on this issue, although Paypal might change its opinion on BTC if it becomes more stable.

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The Bitcoin Application from Square Is Now Available in All Fifty States of America 481

square is available all over america

Buying and selling Bitcoins through the Cash App from Square has become possible in all US states.

We remind you that the American technology company Square, Inc. allowed the purchase and sale of Bitcoin for all US citizens in January of this year. The exception was Wyoming, New York and two other states because of the difficulty in regulating the issue of the cryptocurrency. Later, Square received a certificate from BitLicense, which allows it to work legally in New York.

In late spring of this year the number of Cash App users exceeded 4 million people.

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Nick Szabo Is Sure that Bitcoin ETF Can Do More Harm Than Good 563

bitcoin etf

A known scientist in the field of cryptography Nick Szabo expressed his opinion regarding the issue of Bitcoin ETF approval. He believes that problems caused by cryptocurrency traded funds can be more numerous than advantages.

We remind you that the topic of exchange traded funds operating with the help of Bitcoin is one of the most discussed in the crypto community. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is currently considering nine applications for the registration of Bitcoin ETF.

We reported that the SEC once again postponed the Bitcoin ETF decision until September 30 of this year.

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Robert Kiyosaki: Cryptocurrency Will Outlive Fiat Currency 820

btc will outlive usd

The author of the famous financial bestseller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki expressed his opinion about the future of the US dollar and concluded that the cryptocurrencies can outlive fiat, as they are “currencies of the people”.

Discussing his new book “Fake: Fake Money, Fake Teachers, Fake Assets”, Kiyosaki explained that he wrote that gold, Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are the best protection against the impending financial market crash.

Kiyosaki believes that the dollar is a “fake currency“, because it is not secured by gold since the abolition of the gold and currency standard:

I’ve always been a gold bug. My latest book coming out is called Fake. There’s so much fake money. In 1971 Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard and the US dollar became fake money.

According to the businessman, the permanent monetary issue, which is implemented by the US Federal Reserve System, inflates a big bubble, which in the future will cause another economic crisis.

God’s money, which is gold and silver, will be here after the cockroaches go extinct, and people’s money, which is [crypto] currency…I think the dollar is toast because gold and silver and cyber currency are going to take it out.

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Algorithm of Action for Victims of Scam ICO 1231

scam ico

The market for initial placement of coins is saturated with fraudulent projects, which initially promise to “change the world”, but after receiving funding, they stop being in touch. There are, of course, those which simply are not able to fulfill their obligations, and the product for which the investors’ money was spent is not necessary for anyone. Some particularly brazen scammers removing their site, leave on it not quite censorship messages, as it was with the Lithuanian startup, which wanted to “bring the blockchain” into the vegetable and fruit industry.

In this article, we’ll talk about what you need to do in order to get your money back if you have already invested it in a fraudulent ICO.

(please, click the topic to scroll down to it)

  1. Is it real to return your money if you’ve invested in a scam ICO?
  2. What to do in the beginning? Collect evidence
  3. Who to sue?
  4. What do you need to know about the court?
  5. Conclusion

1. Is it real to return your money if you’ve invested in a scam ICO?

As practice shows, surely, there have been similar precedents in history, but to a greater extent they concern only the United States and Canada. For example, in 2017 on the initiative of the SEC, the founders of the scam project Munchen returned 15 million dollars to their depositors. Another example, the organizer of the cryptostart PlexCoin Dominic Lacroix was arrested, sentenced to 8 weeks of imprisonment, and fined personally for 10 thousand, and his company for 100 thousand dollars.

The Securities Commission is actively working in this field, but, unfortunately, outside of North America it is not yet particularly developed. For example, in the CIS countries no ICO scammers have been caught yet. But, despite this, there is still a chance to get your money back. Please read this material to know what to do in such an unpleasant situation.

2. What to do in the beginning? Collect evidence

So, unfortunately, you have already realized that you gave your money to criminals, what should you do? To begin with, you need to collect as much evidence as possible:

  • screenshots of correspondence in Telegram or other messengers;
  • copies of e-mails;
  • white paper and road map of the project.

If you personally talked on the phone with the organizers of the ICO, then you need to contact the provider to give you a printout of your calls. If you have a personal contact in offline, you must specify the place, date and time of the meeting. If this happened in a public place, it is likely that the fraudster’s face has got into the surveillance cameras.

3. Who to sue?

The overwhelming number of ICO projects has a similar structure. Often, in order to start the production and sale of digital tokens, the organizers register a special issuing company. As a rule, they are created in the Seychelles or the Cayman Islands or in Estonia and Singapore. Unfortunately, finding out data about an issuing company is a rather difficult task. The only place where you can find out which legal body is in charge of this project is an agreement to sell tokens or Token Sale Agreement.

But, it is worth noting that a registered issuing company cannot conduct operational activities, and it is even more complicated to find any information about who conducts it than about an issuing company. Of course, you can try to look for tracks through the project team, but if the organizers of the ICO have created a scam from the very beginning, then they hardly indicated their real names there. Most likely, charges will have to be raised against the issuing company.

4. What do you need to know about the court?

The good news for victims of fraudulent ICO is that there are virtually no “loopholes” in the world where financial criminals can remain in the shadows. Banks from different countries of the world cooperate with each other and transmit information about the movement of money; therefore, to hide a large amount of stolen money every year becomes more difficult.

The bad news is that defrauded investors can demand financial compensation only through local courts of the countries in which the issuing company is registered. Litigation is not a cheap pleasure:

  • Estonia – 7-8 thousand euros;
  • The Cayman Islands – 30-50 thousand dollars;
  • Singapore – 80-130 thousand dollars.

These figures do not include government fees and other related costs. In order for “battle to worth the blood,” the amount of lost funds must significantly exceed the costs associated with the court. An alternative way to save money in this matter is to file a collective claim. For this it is necessary to collect in one place a certain number of the same deceived investors and to divide the costs equally.

5. Conclusion

There are a lot of scam projects on the ICO market, so it’s quite difficult for an investor who is starting not to get bogged down by criminals. But even if you have become a victim of swindlers, albeit low, but still there are the chances of getting your investments back. It is necessary to adjust to a lengthy lawsuit, which will also require financial injections from your side.

How to Spot a SCAM?

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