TOP 5 ICOs of May

The Coin Shark continues to collect interesting ICO, which are held this month. Our own selection is subjective, but this is no less relevant. Who knows, maybe some of them will become a project that will be your most profitable start-up investment? 1. Konios (from July 1 till September 30) Their mission is to provide the world's easiest access to the cryptocurrency community. There is currently a possibility to obtain cryptocurrencies in exchange for Fiat money (traditional currency such as Euro, US Dollar or Yen) by bank transfer or credit card via various online platforms. Since the November of 2017, they have been developing and programming a platform for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide to enable them to enter the cryptocurrency  world with cash. Easy access to the Konios platform requires only a smartphone and Internet connection. The transaction is carried out based on an exchange principle developed in Switzerland, without the use of a bank or other intermediaries. About the project: Whitepaper: 2. KEYRPTO (from March 25 till May 25) KEYRPTO is a revolutionary blockchain-based e-commerce platform which allows small businesses to sell their products & services using any major cryptocurrency. KEYRPTO creates an intermediate exchanging products for cryptocurrency and vice versa with tiniest risk of scams. Being the third-party, it ensures the safety and transparency of transactions. KEYRPTO has its own token called the KYT token. It will soon enter cryptocurrency exchanges. The KYT token can be spent within the platform for registration fees or products, which will provide a bonus for the user. About the project: Whitepapper: 3. Zelaa (from February 18 till November 15) They’re reinventing the global buying and selling of cryptocurrencies – that is secure, legal and doesn't cost you a cent more than what you input. They are transforming the adaptability of cryptocurrencies by introducing a 0% transaction fee on their ATMs as they aim to monetize heavily through our ad-tech. Zelaa is a platform which changes the perception of cryptocurrency on a global level. The process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies will become safe, authorized and fairly priced. About the project: Whitepapper: 4. eCharge (from April 15 till May 31) eCharge provides hotels with e-charging stations for free – including installation, electricity and backend support. In return, eCharge locks in exclusive vendor partnerships with these hotels. Hotel guests can conveniently charge their electric cars during their stay at the hotel, while eCharge intelligent booking platform coordinates parking and charging options. About the project: Whitepapper: 5. GUARIUM  (from April 16 till July 15) Imagine you are the owner of a cryptocurrency which you can use in thousands of online stores around the world. Every day Guar Coin gains in value thanks to the fact that from the very beginning it was introduced into circulation within a huge online sales infrastructure. Thanks to the application of innovative solutions, each producer and wholesalers will be able to use the leverage of hundreds of thousands of scattered online stores run by individual entrepreneurs all over the world. About the project: Whitepapper: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: