TOP-3 promising blockchain projects
These days, blockchain has established itself as a full-fledged member of the technologies world. The number of services related to blockchain technology is growing exponentially, right now everyone can find a platform that adheres to their specific needs. However, there are services that really stand out among the others due to their unique features, functionality and offers. Today we want to introduce you to the top 3 blockchain projects that proved to be the most interesting

1. Betmatch 

The sports betting industry has existed for more than a thousand years, it is important to understand that this business will always be relevant. But to make it successful, it is necessary to keep up to date and implement the latest developments. In this article we will talk about the solution from RevelDevelopment is and why this is a great offer for bookmakers. The Betmatch project is a blockchain platform for bookmakers, with its help it becomes possible to automate and scale your business without much effort.
  • One-click cryptocurrency deposits. After sending ETH directly to the address of the Ethereum contract, the user can see their cryptocurrency balance by clicking on the “Account/Balance” button in the upper right corner.
  • Bet on the desired event. At Betmatch, the user can choose from a wide range of sports and bets.
  • Reliable and fast payout if you win. After the event is completed and the result is known, the smart contract automatically processes the bets. Thus, the winners receive an instant payout.

Old bookmakers:

  • Complex and expensive financial infrastructure.
  • Extremely high user engagement costs through direct marketing.
  • Fully centralized business with small or missing community components.
  • The complexity of the transfer of funds (especially large amounts).
  • The need to fully trust the bookmaker.
  • High commissions and limits on bet amounts.

Betmatch concept:

  • The convenience of mobile rates on demand and limits of private betting services.
  • Highly profitable and transparent social betting providers.
  • Significantly reduced commissions.
  • Zero commissions for participants (token holders).
  • Quick and easy cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals.
  • Reliable and guaranteed payment of winnings by a smart contract.
  • Funds are always controlled by the client (until he loses).
Betmatch is another proof that blockchain technology can be used in entirely different fields of activity. RevelDevelopment offers an innovative solution in the sports betting industry, with which help you can leave your competitors far behind. If you want to know more information on this project, then go to their official website.

2. LiteGo

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are increasing their presence in the micropayment market every day. Of course, at the moment, business owners often face high commissions, delays or freezes of transactions and other inconveniences. The unique LiteGo project, which is an instant, convenient, and secure micropayment service with support for Bitcoin Lightning Network technology, helps solve all these problems.

Benefits of Service

  • There is no need to use your node since the service provides its own. The service takes care of all technical aspects;
  • the anonymity of personal data;
  • nominal commissions, which are calculated by microsatoshies;
  • absolute freedom from banks and other financial institutions and, as a result, the absence of exchange rate risks;
  • lack of limits on transaction amounts;
  • instant transactions that are processed within a few seconds;
  • simple and intuitive integration using a ready-made API, which takes several minutes;
  • the world's first Lightning Network plugin for Wordpress;
  • irrevocability of payments: scammers are not able to use chargeback.
If you want to reduce transaction costs and increase the security of receiving payments directly on your website, then LiteGo is exactly what you need.

3. Q DAO

Recently, a huge number of different stablecoins have been released: decentralized, centralized, tied to gold, as well as other valuable metals such as silver and platinum. It should be remarked that the total market capitalization of stable coins has already exceeded 5 billion US dollars, but still, new coins are appearing, as this market still has room to grow. Most of them are derivatives of a particular fiat currency, which are stored on someone else's account. But there are stablecoins that do not depend on anyone and are issued decentralized. A good example of such stablecoins is the tokens of the new Q DAO ecosystem. What is she like?

Q DAO includes several tokens at once:

  • Q DAO - the main token of the system
  • USDQ - stablecoin pegged to the dollar
  • KRWQ - pegged to the South Korean won
  • CNYQ - pegged to 1 yuan
  • JPYQ - pegged to 1 yen
To create each stable token, it is needed to freeze a certain amount of BTC in the ecosystem. It is important to note that each coin is provided with Bitcoin in a ratio of almost 2/1. At the moment, 5,531,632 USDQ and 1,169,653,205.00 KRWQ have already been issued. The creators plan to release new stablecoins, such as JPYQ and CNYQ  in the near future.

How to get a Q DAO?

  • To buy through the OTC interface on the developer's site. Tokens purchased on the OTC market are sold at a significant discount, but are frozen for 20 months, gradually thawing starting from 4 months after purchase. The number of tokens is strictly limited.
  • To buy Hotbit, BTCNEXT, IDEX or BTC-Alpha on the exchanges like any other token.
  • To purchase them at IEO held at BTCNEXT. Every month, 15,000 tokens are sold on IEO. To participate, you must receive an allocation for the purchase by winning it in a special lottery
If you do not trust banks, but do not want to buy gold or other valuable metals for the saving your capital, then the Q DAO stablecoin system is exactly what you need. Q DAO is like dollars, but much better, because only you will have control over them.