TOP 5 ICO of January
The Coin Shark made a quality top of the most interesting ICO of January. These ICO projects base their crowdfunding on progressive ideas. The projects attract attention  by their scale and prospects: from a personal cloud computer to a universal AI assistant.    1. Boosteroid (15 January - 5 February) Boosteroid  –  is a convenient cloud services platform that gives you access to the computing power, cloud storages and software products. Such a personal cloud computer enables users to process video, to create 3D graphics and to play the most high-performance computer games that demand high capacity of any device. The only thing a user needs is a stable high-speed internet connection. Users can choose necessary programs and launch them: the system will select the needed computing power setting automatically.  It will be possible to pay for the services with BTR tokens, as well as USD, BTC and ETH. About the project: Whitepaper: 2. SELFLLERY (1 December - 20 January) SELFLLERY is a social network for converting "likes" in cryptocurrency. Every "like" will be converted in "token" that can be used to buy something in the SELFLLERY app or even for making a charitable donation. The product concept and its first versions were developed at the beginning of 2016. The reward system is based on the blockchain technology. About the project: Whitepaper: 3. Scorum (from 14 January) Throughout the human history sport was an integral part of many people's lives. Every month almost a billion of sport fans makes 8,5 billion visits on different sport internet sites. Traditionally it brings money to sport media only. The platform allows users to create an information space by themselves and earn money which differs from the approach of existing sport media. About the project: Whitepaper: 4. HOQU (27 January - 11 February) HOQU – is a decentralised partners' platform that combines a performance-marketing model and a blockchain technology. It is the world's first platform that allows advertisers and partners work without mediators and grants honest deals by the CPA model with the help of smart contracts. Such a model will greatly shrink financial  expenses of every market participant and will create new standards of transparency and efficiency.       About the project: Whitepaper: 5. Bloomzed (17 January - 17 February) The idea of Bloomzed is to create a multifunctional AI-assistant, that will be available for users on different devices (tablets, terminals, ВЭБ, smartphones, ATMs, computers). Bloomzed is always ready to help you:
  • manage all financial flows (incomes, expenditures, transfers, payments);
  • plan, invest, earn, save money, get loans and financing.
Bloomzed works with all financial instruments available today: payment cards, bank accounts, digital wallets, international money transfer systems, virtual currency, fiat money, etc. About the project: Whitepaper: