Top 15 Documentaries About Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency

In general, cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology for the last decade excite the minds of humanity. This is reflected not only in a permanent increase of community, daily references in mass media but also in a large number of documentaries, which are entirely dedicated to the topic. In this article we will discuss the Top-15 documentary about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It is worth to mention, that there were shot much more, just this list is worth your attention.

1. “Banking on Bitcoin”, 2016

In this film, rise and fall of earlier cryptocurrency investors are subject to deep analysis. The filmmakers also focused special attention to the balance between innovations and state regulation. Which is one the most discussed topics since the release of Bitcoin. The film shows two sides of the coin, since different opinions about the digital coins are discussed in it. Also, described in detail those titanic contribute to the industry, which made its first participants. – Also, titanic contribution to the industry, made by its first participants is described there in detail.

2. “Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It”, 2015

Even today, the word “Bitcoin” is much spoken about, such term as the “blockchain” though is still a mystery for the majority of people. The aim of this film is to popularize the cryptocurrency. The film tells in simple words what the blockchain technology is.

Also, it draws a parallel  between usual currency and Bitcoin. Special attention in the film is paid exactly to the difference between Bitcoin and fiat or any other means of payment in the entire history of the mankind. This is the first decentralized currency in the world, which have no place for intermediaries and third persons. The central message, which the filmmakers want to convey is that the Bitcoin will break all the current financial rules, which used to be a standard for many years.

3. “The Rise And Rise Of Bitcoin”, 2014

Many participants of the cryptocurrency market  is compared with a riding on a roller coaster. During its short history, Bitcoin had already grown rapidly by thousands of percent in a few months, after what it swiftly rushed down as well. This film is considered as a guide for main events in history of the first cryptocurrency.

4. “Bitcoin Gospel”, 2015

This film gives the answers for many practical questions, which appear in the young market participants’ heads. For example, how does Bitcoin work? How can you pay with Bitcoin online or offline? A key role in the creation of this film was played by one of the earliest cryptocurrency adherents Roger Ver. He is called the “Bitcoin Jesus”, although in recent years he began to actively support Bitcoin Cash. The majority of scenes in the movie are just a representation of Ver’s performance in the land of the rising sun. And the choice of this particular country is not accidental, since the Japanese authorities conduct the most loyal policy towards cryptocurrency. If you are interested in practical usage of Bitcoin, you will surely enjoy this film.

5. “History Of Bitcoin”, 2008

This film describes the chronological sequence of creating an innovative software. Since, Satoshi Nakamoto, who has created and launched the Bitcoin network, used researches in cryptography, which have been held over 40 years.

6. “Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution”, 2017

   This is one of the most modern film in our list, it provides detailed information not only regarding what bitcoin is, but also refers to the theme of consequences, which should be expected in the nearest future. The filmmakers elaborated the process of forming a global world currency, which is just impossible to manage.

7. “The Bitcoin Experiment”, 2016

This film is a social experiment, which was held in 2016 in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The main object of the experiment was to find out, how much people are ready to such phenomena as Bitcoin. The filmmakers vividly showed and told to ordinary citizens of Scandinavian countries what advantages digital coins have. The film is an excellent manual for the beginners.

8. “Life On Bitcoin”, 2014

The main argument of the majority of cryptocurrency critics is the fact that you cannot buy everyday things for a bitcoin and even for another digital coin . Well, the filmmakers, who are also a couple of newlyweds, decided to live for 100 days by using only cryptocurrency.  This is a very fascinating journey, which was recorded on tape.  

9. “Bitcoin Heist”, 2017

This documentary is produced in the genre of thriller, which presents the digital underworld  and an Interpol agent, which investigates the largest coin theft. The main criminal is a hacker with a nickname “Ghost”. There are many turning points in the plot, people who are interested in cryptocurrencies will enjoy it.

10. “Bitcoin Rebellion”, 2017

This film explains about the evolution of money since their creation, and Bitcoin is the 6th step of its development. Great attention in the movie is paid to the decentralized blockchain technology, which is the basis of cryptocurrencies. The film is recommended for newcomers as well as more advanced users.

11. “Bitcoin in Uganda”, 2014

The duration of the current film is only 5 minutes. But despite of its short duration, this picture shows the conveniences Bitcoin can give even in a developing country very well. The main character is a local resident Ronald, who receives money from his family in BTC. The film describes the importance of popularization of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, especially considering huge commissions, which are set by usual money transfer services, such as Western Union or MoneyGram.

12. “I am Satoshi”, 2014

This documentary have a duration of 52 minutes. The filmmakers have conducted in-depth research of Bitcoin. The films describes innovations and consequences which Bitcoin will bring . This is a very informative film, which won the award for “The most creative film”.  

13. “Bitcoins in Argentina”, 2013

This short film is a creation of the same people who made the film ‘Bitcoin in Uganda’. The picture tell us about the local people, who use the digital money. One of the main focuses is that cryptocurrencies helps Argentine nationals to protect their own savings from inflation rate of the national currency.

14. “Trust Disrupted: Bitcoin and the Blockchain”, 2016

It’s a whole series, which are on YouTube since the fall of 2016. The author of this films is responsible for economic news in New York Times. As of the end of summer 2018, 6 parts have been already released, each of them tells about different aspects of Bitcoin. This is a structured mini TV show, which gives comprehensive information about digital currencies.

15. “The Bitcoin Phenomenon”, 2015

This documentary is based on several interviews, which the filmmakers took from leading experts of the market:

  • Gavin Andresen (one of developers of Bitcoin);
  • Erik Voorhees (tech.director of Coinapult);
  • Bennett Hoffman (tech.director of Buttercoin);
  • etc.

In this interview they discuss the basics of blockchain, Bitcoin, the forecast of industry for nearest years.


A lot of documentaries about the technology of blockchain, Bitcoin were already shot. You can see the industry from different angles, learn about its history and possible development scenarios. If you are interested in cryptocurrency, we highly recommend you to watch some of the films listed above.    

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Crypto Exchange Bittrex Partners With Bitsdaq To Conquer Asia Market

One of the biggest US-based cryptocurrency exchanges, Bittrex, announced that it was partnering with Bitsdaq to open a special trading platform in Asia. This platform will provide different digital assets to the Asian investors.

Moreover, Bitsdaq will operate on Bittrex technology and will be built based on Bittrex’s experience in the blockchain.The platform will allow users to trade various digital tokens, including tokens a available on the Bittrex exchange.

The Chairman and CEO of Bitsdaq, Ricky Ng, said:

“We are honored to bring Bittrex’s extensive cryptocurrency options to the Asia market.….It takes a unique combination of advanced technology and financial expertise to launch an efficient, reliable and secure platform for trading digital assets in Asia. We found the ideal partner to help provide a safe environment for our customers and the entire community.”

In accordance with the statement, the Bitsdaq platform will control a lot of things connected to the management of the platform, such as customer support, marketing, sales and customised development. In addition, it will take care of customer operations.

The day of the launch is yet to be announced, though customers can pre-register for an account on Bitsdaq’s website.

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Coingecko Publishes Its Annual Crypto Report for 2018

The online platform Coingecko published it crypto report for the passed year of 2018, where it analyzed the most important events in the crypto industry, including the market trends, crypto thefts, ICO news, stablecoins, Bitcoin Cash wars etc.

As for the market tendencies, there is no doubt that 2018 was the year of collapse. The total market capitalization decreased by whopping 78.85%, with the main period of decrease falling onto Q4. Meanwhile, the trading volumes remained quite stable.

Regarding the top-5 coins in the rating, they decreased as follows:

  • BTC – by 73%;
  • XRP – by 82%;
  • ETH – by 84%;
  • BCH – by 93%;
  • EOS – by 66%

The largest crypto exchange by the end of 2018, according to the trading volumes, turned out to be Bithumb, followed closely by and Binance.

As for stealing cryptocurrency, the estimated money loss from criminals and scammers amounted to around $867.45 million. The biggest crypto theft was Zaif hack which took place in September and resulted in the theft of $23.5 million.

The most popular blockchain platforms for creating decentralized apps became Ethereum, EOS, Steem and Tron.

The synopsis of the stablecoin development in 2018 looks the following way:

Thus, we can definitely see that though 2018 was a hard year for crypto and there were much more downs than ups, the industry is still afloat and developing. Hopefully, 2019 will be a better year.

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Cryptocurrency Prices Today, January 16: Cryptocurrencies Are Again in the Red Zone

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar, IOTA, Dash, Monero: Cryptocurrency prices

According to the Coingecko online platform, Bitcoin (BTC) lost 0.3% over the past 24 hours. The price at the time of writing is $3597 per coin.

Cryptocurrencies are falling in price:

Bitcoin Cash lost 3.78% over the past 24 hours and costs $127 per coin;

Ripple lost 1.74% and is $0.32 in price;

EOS dropped by 1.06%, and its price is $2.44;

Litecoin fell by 4.12%, and its value is $31;

Cardano lost 0.03%, and its cost is $0.043;

Stellar decreased by 1.7% and costs $0.10;

IOTA lost 1.01%, and its cost is $0.30;

Dash dropped by 2.49%, and its price is $71;

became cheaper by 1.81% and costs $45.

Over the past 24 hours, Ethereum lost 6.06%. The rate of the coin is $121.

The total market capitalization rose to $122 billion. Bitcoin accounts for 52.4% of the total volume. In monetary terms, this is $64 billion.

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Cryptopia Got Hacked, Crypto Exchange Is Suffering “Significant Losses”

One of the best crypto exchanges of New Zealand, Cryptopia, was hacked. It announced this sad news via Twitter stating that it had experienced a security breach that ended in a “significant loss”. However, the company did not mention any figures of the loss.

Cryptopia has suspended all the activities on the trading platform for an indefinite period. In addition, it has notified the authorities of the country, and now it cooperates with the police and the country’s High Tech Crimes Unit in order to investigate the hacker attack.

“Staff then notified and involved the appropriate Government Agencies, including NZ police and High Tech Crimes Unit who are jointly and actively investigating the matter as a major crime and they are assisting us with advice,” the exchange stated.

This is the first cryptocurrency exchange theft in 2019, however, many customers of different crypto exchanges call into question the security of them, as there were so many incidents that had to teach exchanges how to deal with it. Some users even blame the exchanges, in particular Cryptopia, in a bear market “exit strategy”.

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A Video Gamer Received a 20-Bitcoin Donation on Twitch

A video game player under the nickname Sick Nerd received a donation from an anonym in the amount of 20 Bitcoins when playing the game RuneScape and streaming it on the platform Twitch.

Sick Nerd mentioned this on his Twitter:

At first, the streamer received only 4 BTC. He didn’t take it seriously right away, but kept receiving new donations in cryptocurrency. Overall, Sick Nerd became richer by over 20 BTC during his streaming session.

This is the largest crypto donation sent to a video game player ever, and, of course, the largest donation ever received by Sick Nerd (more than 70 thousand dollars).

Cryptocurrency keeps making its way into every sphere of human activity, and video games are no exception. We remind you:

Cryptocurrency Games: Bitcoin Game Review

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Cryptocurrency Prices Today, January 15: Cryptocurrency Is Trying to Regain Its Positions

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar, IOTA, Dash, Monero: Cryptocurrency prices

According to the Coin360 online platform, Bitcoin (BTC) gained 2.9% over the past 24 hours. The price at the time of writing is $3626 per coin, but it remains quite volatile and changes the value.

The rest of cryptocurrencies are also in the green zone:

Bitcoin Cash added 4.99% over the past 24 hours and costs $133 per coin;

Ripple plus 4.58%, and is $0.33 in value;

EOS added 10.17%, and its price is $2.51;

Litecoin became more expensive by 6.66%, and its rate is $32;

Cardano grew by 5.85%, and its value is $0.043;

Stellar added 5.15% and costs $0.11;

IOTA gained 4.92%, and its cost $0.31;

Dash added 2.19%, and its price is $73;

Monero increased by 8.22% and is $46 in price.

Ethereum added 10.5% over the past day. The cost of the coin is $130.

The total market capitalization is $123 billion. Bitcoin accounts for 52.4% ​​of the total volume. In monetary terms, this is $64 billion.

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